Belmont Plate Charger (Silver, Gold)


Minimum amount order required: 85. Great for stylish events. Make your event design pop even more with Belmont Plate Chargers. They are made of glass available in CLEAR + Gold Beaded and CLEAR + Silver Beaded. Approximately 13″.


If you’re looking for a harmony between cute and elegant, we’ve got a little something to spice up your place setting!

The Belmont Plate Charger is the product to step up your game on that table. With the dotted bead pattern, it screams cute and sweet. Simultaneously, you achieve a hint of elegance as it comes in gold and silver — the two pillars of elegance. 

The factor of sophistication does not stop at colors. Unlike the typical convenience of plastic chargers, Belmont is glass; and nothing expresses style more than the classic glass. 

Reserve a place at the table for the Belmont Plate Charger. Approximately 13″.


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Gold, Silver