Blaise Chic Organic Floral Arch


Picture this: a super chic floral setup that blends dreamy shades of blush, peach, and ivory in this effortlessly cool, organic design. It’s basically the pinnacle of modern sophistication, making it the ultimate pick for weddings, outdoor ceremonies, and all those Insta-worthy gatherings.

I mean, seriously, it’s not just stylish; it’s trend-setting, making it a top choice for capturing those hashtag-worthy moments. With its contemporary vibes and natural elegance, the Chic Blush Peach Ivory Organic Floral Arch is about to level up your event game, providing the perfect backdrop for your ultra-modern celebration.

Designed for indoor use
*If item is to be used outdoors, outdoor tools are required. Please be mindful of item placement due to unpredictable weather