Cieran Faux Cherry Blossom Backdrop


Note: Delivery, setup, and pickup services available for extra charge.

The pricing is for BACKDROP only.

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Designed for indoor use
*If item is to be used outdoors, outdoor tools are required. Please be mindful of item placement due to unpredictable weather


It’s inevitable to get caught up in the small, intricate details. But sometimes, it’s as easy as investing into a gorgeous backdrop. 

The Cieran Faux Cherry Blossom Backdrop is the very thing to accent your photo and video backgrounds. It’s absolutely sweet and a blessing to your eyes. 

With its cherry blossom pink, the lightness of the tint makes it completely effortless to pair with your existing vision and color scheme. Whether you’re settling for a black and white or a hint of gold and silver, the pink will fit in like home. 

Reserve the sight of cuteness and bliss with the Cieran Faux Cherry Blossom Backdrop for your next event.