Lan Gold Candlesticks Holder Taper


Pricing is per piece. Taper candles are absolute must-haves for any romantic setting. Combine them with stunning gold holders and you have got yourself a complete package. Our Lan Gold Candlestick Holders come in different styles and heights that collectively work well to achieve a mismatched look. They feature slim stems that add to their sense of elegance and sophistication. Although they already make a statement as is, you can always add embellishments to them to better fit your style. Decorative elements that can be wrapped around the stems are highly recommended.

Clear Hurricane Covers: sizes vary from 12-18″H x 2.5″-3″ diameter


* A professional decorator is highly suggested for this item preferably someone experienced with setting up candlestick holders. See photos in the product page or video to check how we usually set them up.
* Tools needed: Sticky Tack, Stick-Um Candle Adhesive, Cutter (The Stick-Um can be purchased from Yummi Candles, or Amazon; The Sticky Tack can be purchased from Dollarama, Walmart or Michaels)
* Some of the candles may be higher than the clear covers, you will need to chop the candles off from the top to ensure that the candles are within the clear covers.
* Some of the clear hurricane covers may have smaller diameter than the candle holders’ bases. Use STICKY TACK strategically to make them stable. We usually cut the sticky tack in small pieces and add per side (2-3 sides, judge if the glass is already stable).
* Add Stick-Um Candle Adhesive at the bottom of the candles and stick in the holder (so the candle is more stable)

====> WARNING:
* Once these are setup, DO NOT move the table.
* The setup time for these usually take time, e.g. 3 hour setup time with at least 3 people should be good enough (this is a suggestion ONLY – this still depends on the speed and experience of the person setting up).

Additional information

with or without candle?

without candle or clear hurricane cover (price per piece), with real candle + clear hurricane cover (price per piece), with clear hurricane covers only, no candle