Circular Round Plinths Pedestals


Looking for round plinths/columns? Try out our round pedestals!

Pricing is based on set of 3


It’s an unwritten rule, but varying the heights in your decor is a secret one-way ticket to elegance. 

To play between basic and luxurious, the Circular Round Plinths Pedestals is the one for you. Coming in various heights, you can elevate any piece of decor you desire. 

You can never go wrong with the color white, and luckily, the acrylic round pedestals come in the very color. You know what other color you can’t go wrong with? Gold, and it comes in that too — absolute steal. 

Reserve the leveling sophistication with the Circular Round Plinths Pedestals for your next event.


Additional information

Dimensions 231 × 5 × 89 in

White, Gold