Blanc Solid White Column Riser · Pedestals · Plinths


Need a pedestal (a.k.a plinths) for an indoor or outdoor event? The Blanc Column Riser is worth a look!

Clean and simple, this white column riser is perfect for a range of event themes, from vintage to modern. And available in three sizes, you can use it to carry and showcase a wide variety of items. It can hold cakes, flowers, a bottle of champagne and glasses, featured products, and more.

Make this versatile and trusty pedestal a part of your event!

Product sizes (approximate): 11.25” x 31.75” (standard) | 13.25” x 39.25”

Paint finish may vary from glossy to matte.


photo credit: hofland

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11.25" X 31.75" (standard), 13.25" X 39.25", 48" x 16"