Healthcare may be one of the toughest professions to be in. Especially in these tough times, we must show appreciation to our healthcare workers. In this article, we’re going to focus on some amazing heroes – our nurses. If you know a nurse or have been in their care, you know how hard these individuals work.

These people spend their days in service of others and it’s just fitting to give them a thoughtful gift. It may be a thank you present or simply an appreciation of who they are and what they do. We’ve listed down 10 of the best shops where you can buy unique gifts for our beloved nurses. We made sure to consider their lifestyles and needs when we made this gift guide. We hope you find the perfect present for the nurse/s in your life here!

  1. Floralbash

Sweet Treat Box Toronto

Flowers are always a good idea. Most patients receive flowers but it’s a great token to give our health workers, too. Nurses will love blooms, whether it’s a small bouquet or a large arrangement. Floralbash not only offers flower arrangements, but they also have delicious desserts and savory boxes in their shop. No matter what the occasion or as a simple thank you, any nurse will appreciate receiving these treats.

  1. Lululemon (lightweight and comfy jacket)

Hospitals can be cold. Keep your nurse comfortable throughout their shift with a lightweight jacket to keep them company. One can’t have too many of these because they go to work almost every day. Choose something that they can wear in and out of work. Lululemon is one of the most trusted brands for athleisure. You can’t go wrong with their sweaters and jackets. Comfort and style is A PLUS! Head on to their website or visit their stores to choose.

  1. OrthoMed (Compression Socks)

Nursing comes with long hours. Some may be spent walking the whole shift or standing whilst in the operating room. Compression socks from OrthoMed will surely make their duties more comfortable. These are no ordinary socks, they help promote circulation to prevent swelling and pain even if they’re on their feet for hours on end. OrthoMed carries medical-grade compression socks that come in different colors and sizes. This is an incredibly practical gift that they will surely thank you for.

  1. Bottleworx

Another practical gift that they can use in and out of the hospital is an insulated water bottle. A cold drink may be all they need to get refreshed and get going. Bottleworx carries different colored water bottles in different sizes. The best thing about these is their insulating technology that allows liquid to stay cold for hours. Choose the color that best matches your nurse’s personality. There are so many to choose from. They can use this at work, while on a hike, during exercise, or simply when they need a bottle of water to go.

  1. KACE Catering

Rest and relaxation is an important part of life. This is especially true if you come from a high-stress work environment. Nurses need to be able to sit back and enjoy even if they’re just at home. Lucky for us, KACE Catering, a trusted company for events and weddings, have made their famous grazing spreads available to enjoy at home through grazing boxes. Their menu includes sweet and savory, dessert, luxury charcuterie, sushi bake, macarons, and more. Add a bottle of wine and your nurse has got the perfect recipe for a fun time at home.

  1. Lerner Interiors (Blackout curtains)

This could be one of the best gifts you can give someone who works odd hours. Blackout curtains will ensure restful sleep no matter the time. If you have a family member who’s a nurse, get them blackout curtains for the bedroom. This can be a total game-changer. They will have better sleep which gives them more energy to do things at home and at work. Lerner Interiors have a variety of curtains for you to choose from. Simply measure and choose the design that suits the interiors of the room.

  1. The Source (Fitbit Smartwatch)

When you’re busy on the job, a smartwatch can be your best friend. Nurses can use this to track their steps and other fitness goals. Aside from this, they can read messages on the go and also have access to weather and other apps. The Source carries many different Fitbit models so you can pick which one suits your nurse’s personality the best. If you want to check out the watch personally, you can simply click on the in-store button and check for your chosen model’s availability. These are available all over Toronto and the GTA.

  1. BruMate (Insulated Coffee Tumblers)

Coffee is the lifeline of many hospital workers. An insulated coffee tumbler that can keep their favorite beverage hot or cold throughout their shift is a godsend. The BruMate Toddy is not your typical tumbler. It is leakproof and keeps your drink’s temperature just the way you like it. It’s perfect for nurses and their on-the-go lifestyle. Its BevLock Technology assures that no accidents happen especially while they’re on shift.

  1. Te Koop

A keep-all bag that can fit everything they need for their duty and something comfortable to bring is a nurse essential. Make sure to get something that can fit clothes, shoes, and other necessities during their shift. Te Koop carries different brands and styles. Everything looks chic and most of all, functional. These are pieces that can be used in and out of the hospital with ease.


Nurses need good stethoscopes. carries many different types for doctors and nurses alike. Not only that, but they also have different accessories that your nurse may need. Every purchase of their Littmann Stethoscope comes with a free laser engraving service. You can have your nurse’s name engraved so that it becomes more personal and at the same time, makes it less prone to getting lost.

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