Step-by-Step Guide: How to Plan Brand Activation

Brand activation strategy is an important part of any company since this involves your company’s brand. Activation strategies ensure that your company becomes more than just relevant. Brand activation strategies help increase your exposure, expand audience reach, and improve customer impression of your products and services. Brand activation helps engage customers by allowing them to interact with the company.

Considering how you can implement brand strategies for your company? Let’s walk through the steps you will need to do:

photo 1454165804606 c3d57bc86b40 Step-by-Step Guide: How to Plan Brand Activation

Step 1.  Set your goals

First things first, any strategy can only be deemed successful once its goals have been met. Brand activation always has a reason, it isn’t done just randomly. You have to set S.M.A.R.T goals for your strategy. Determine what your brand stands for and do a SWOT analysis so you have a picture of what is needed to be done. Keep your goals Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.

Step 2. Fix budget

A great brand activation strategy won’t be so hard to plan when you prepare a budget for it. There won’t be confusion and hesitation with what needs to be done because you have prepared for it.

Step 3. Define your target audience

Before you start your plan, you must understand who you are targeting. Who do you want to be affected by the company’s brand activation strategy? The target audience is an important role because the problems and desires of the target audience are what you need to choose which strategies to use. Primary goals should be directed toward your company’s main target audience.

Step 4. Build a marketing plan

Marketing plans are in line with fixing the budget for your campaign. A brand activation strategy must be planned not by one department, but with other company departments that are involved, like the Marketing Department, Customer Service Department, and Public Relations Department. Brainstorm and delegate as a team and schedule meetings where you update each other on the progress. Empower the teams to work towards your goals.

Step 5. Create a brand playbook

Lastly, create a company brand playbook. This is what you will be using for future strategies as well. It is efficient to keep them all in one place for easy access. In your Brand Playbook, you will include things such as:

  • Company Vision
  • Value Proposition
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Character
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Experiences and Previous Strategies implemented

Take note that what you include in the Brand Playbook isn’t only specific to brand activation strategies. You can also include other campaigns and contests that your company will be doing.

Brand Activation Strategy Examples

1. Starbucks: Sparkle Shop

Starbucks Sparkle Shop – YouTube

Starbucks Canada partnered with LauraDIY to create a pop-up store campaign to celebrate the launch of their Teavana Sparkling Tea Juices. They also tapped into 100 local social media influencers to spread the word by sending them personalized sparkly kits filled with a craft inspired by LauraDIY, other goodies, and an invitation to the event. Sparkly manicures, custom glitter tattoos, cups designed by glitter specialists, and Teavana juices were made available to attendees.

2. Lipton Ice Tea: Be A Daybreaker

Rise & Slide in London Kings X | Lipton Ice Tea | #BeADaybreaker – YouTube

Lipton Ice Tea hosted this summer campaign and encourage morning passers to take a break from their normal routine. The highlight of this event was a giant yellow 100-meter inflatable water slide. Organizers of the event encouraged people to bring their swimwear so that they can experience the fun of the water slide. This campaign encouraged people to view Lipton Ice Tea as a beverage to be consumed all year round, regardless of the season.

3. Netflix: Altered Carbon CES 2018

Altered Carbon: Exciting Marketing Presentation at CES 2018 – YouTube

Netflix promoted its new series Altered Carbon at the CES 2018 event by creating a faux booth that brought to life the plot of the series. They partnered with the drama’s fictional company Psychasec and had an exhibition area for Psychasec’s “sleeve” products.

To make sure that your brand activation strategy is a success, plan every step with care and pay attention to all the details. With the many tactics available for utilization, brand activation can help your company increase its brand awareness, and impressions, and attract new customers.

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