10+ Best Step & Repeat Banner Design & Printing Companies in Toronto

Step & Repeat Banners may seem like a small detail in a huge event but it actually plays a crucial role in marketing and raising brand awareness. Since these are often placed on red carpets as backdrops, they get the most exposure through photo opportunities and on-the-day itself activities. With this, we helped list down 10+ Best Step & Repeat Banner Design & Printing Companies in Toronto that you can tap for designing and printing your very own.

10+ Best Step & Repeat Banner Design & Printing Companies in Toronto

1. VintageBASH

Screen Shot 2023 02 05 at 10.11.04 PM 10+ Best Step & Repeat Banner Design & Printing Companies in Toronto

VintageBASH is a go-to company for event setup. They have an impressive library of luxurious furniture pieces, decorations, and even floral decors that you can rent for your big day. More than this, they are also open to craft custom requests and help you ideate what’s best for you — considering the brand objective.

With this in mind, they can help you with designing and printing an excellent step and repeat banner for your next event. Their team can also extend assistance in setup and pulldown, ensuring that the whole process is fuss-free for you.

2. Brand Glow Up

One of the best Step & Repeat banner design & printing companies in Toronto, Brand Glow Up has a lot of marketing services up its sleeves. They help with customized decor setup requests for specific events. Moreover, their excellent team can help you with the planning and designing stage — ensuring to put your vision into consideration. Once done, they arrange delivery according to your schedule and oversee the setup and takedown for your convenience.

3. Event Walls

Eventwalls Step & Repeat Banner Design

Providing event walls for their clients in as fast as three days, Event Walls is a recognized Toronto-based company that extends designing and production services in terms of backdrops. Their services include the step and repeat banner which can be crafted depending on the size you need. Design complexity is also out of the concern since they are also game to create a unique design for their client. Various materials can also be used individually or together in one execution.

4. Backdrop Source

Backdrop Source makes it easier for their clients to get an amazing step and repeat banner design and printing through their website. You can choose from their readily available sizes and see which fits the floor area for your event. They deliver backdrops with high-quality prints and lightweight stands that are foldable for easy storage. Moreover, you also opt to also add a red carpet to your request.

5. Tent Depot

Tent Depot Banners edited 10+ Best Step & Repeat Banner Design & Printing Companies in Toronto

Offering high-quality fabric step & repeat banner design and printing services in Toronto, Tent Depot is a good company to work with for your brand. They can customize the design according to your preference as long as it is within their standard banner sizes. Besides this, sturdy stands are also included for easy setup. Should you have any other event needs, you can also check out their other offerings — making them a one-stop-shop for a tradeshow or event setups.

6. Display Solutions

Display Solutions offers lightweight and airline-friendly backdrops for brands and companies. They can customize according to the requirements and also provide easy-to-use stands for convenience. Each step and repeat banner they extend are also designed according to the vision of the client. Additionally, they ensure to only use top quality materials for durability even after continuous use.

7. Oh My Print Solutions

Oh My Print Solutions Step & Repeat Banner Design

Step and repeat banners from Oh My Print Solutions are ensured to be of impressive quality. They worked with various brands and companies over the years which ensures their expertise on the matter. Besides this, the design they print is eye-catching with vibrant colours and sharp elements. Moreover, they also extend options to customize using various materials such as fabric, vinyl, and mesh. Framing and lighting special services may also be requested.

8. Blast Media Inc

Blast Media Inc is one of the best step and repeat design and printing companies you can work with in Toronto. They specialize in large-format banner printing and crafting special decorations for events. At the same time, they also stay true to their commitment to always provide a quality product that ensures customer satisfaction. Should you need other formats, they also offer other options on their website.

9. Step & repeat

Step & Repeat

Boasting an impressive track record in the business, Step & Repeat knows well what makes a good step and repeat banner. They can work with various sizes and style directions to deliver something unique for their client. Furthermore, their large-format printers are up to date, ensuring that their printouts are sharp and with vibrant colours. Another thing worth noting, they can also finish your banner in just three days!

10. 4over4

Delivering impressive step & repeat banner designs for brands and clients, 4over4 assures to produce high-quality output without over-the-top charges. They work within budget and ensure that their client’s expectations are met. Designing and printing are included in the agreement so you don’t need to worry about getting a different supplier for each stage.


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