10 Best Retail Store Designers & Decorators in Toronto (Ontario)

Regardless of size, any space should be designed and decorated to its full potential. The look of space elevates its value in both the marketing and advertising aspect. Be it a commercial space or a residential one, interior and store designers can definitely assist you in putting together an effective look. There are a lot of interior store designers you can choose from. To help you choose, we have narrowed them down. Check out our list of 10 best store designs in Toronto!

1. VintageBash

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If you are looking for a company that has a tremendous amount of talent and a knack for aesthetics, VintageBash could be the one you’re looking for. This team of stylists can cater to both your interior store designer needs be it for rental decors or high-quality furniture. They have the dedication in satisfying their clients that always results in a repeat transaction. This team is well-rounded, so you’re sure to expect intricate details that aren’t missed.

2. Jane Lockhart Design

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Jan Lockhart Design will surely make any space attractive and inviting. With their vast experience in both interior designing and commercial decorating, you’re surely in the good hands of highly reliable store designers. They specialize in elegant contemporary styles while letting you experience a functional space. Having partnered with numerous companies, they promise to deliver visually pleasing that will result in a positive impact for you and your brand.

3. Camden Lane Interiors Toronto

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Functionality is important to any space, especially in commercial spaces! Camden Lane Interiors makes sure that your space does not only look amazing but also has the maximum functionality it can offer! Drawing inspiration from the world, this team of both interior and store designers will definitely help you put together a design that reflects you and your brand. Be it a classic style you want or a modern contemporary approach, they can infuse their signature approach to your taste and style!

4. Dress This Space Inc.

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Your business can surely get the attention it deserves with Dress This Space Inc.’s over-the-top workmanship and artistry. This company offers rental services that are perfect for realtors and homeowners. They also sell their high-quality products so you can enjoy the pieces you liked in their showroom. With their commitment to delivering seamless service, this company will combine your selected pieces and existing furniture to blend in with your space.

5. Burdi Filek

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Burdi Filek creates distinct designs for stores to stand out and stay true to their brands. With their progressive design vision, this team of top-notch store designers is surely ahead of the game. They specialize in a minimalistic lavish look that can surely entice clients who are into the “less is more” kind of style. Also offering clients a cutting-edge design that’s truly beyond reproach along with their global market reach, you’re surely in good hands.

6. Lavish home inc

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Lavish Home does not only offer services to fabulously decorate your home, but this company can also help you with your commercial space in giving it life and character! This team is all about harmonizing the details and elements of design, from corners of the space down to accents on your tabletop. With their talent and expertise, this team of store designers can help you entice customers that will not only look good in the picture but as well in person!

7. KARE Design Toronto

KARE Design Toronto

Kare Design offers an unconventional style that is perfect for your brand and lifestyle. This interior designing company also has a team of resident store designers that can help bring a different energy to your commercial space. As a result, you can surely expect more customers to get interested. Providing excellent service since 1981, they got you covered from planning down to the final touches. With this company, you will surely experience a pleasant surprise in their incredible amount of passion for design.

8. Interior Couture

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Interior Couture takes pride in its end-to-end service that starts from planning the layout to helping you find the right accent pieces down to flawlessly painting your walls. From a total home redesigning or redecorating your business space, you’re assured to work with skillful store designers from this company that can help you bring to life your vision. This company has provided service for well-known brands such as Kate Spade, so you’re to expect quality and admirable store decors.

9. NK Design&Co

NK Design&Co, store designers

NK DesignCo. is a full-service interior design studio that has a team of excellent store designers that can help you achieve a cohesive look to your commercial space. They are committed to giving their clients an expensive ambient yet budget-friendly design. For this philosophy, they have been at the forefront of the best interior and store designers in Toronto. With their classic yet functional approach in styling and design, they have been the go-to partners of numerous businesses in town.

  • website: www.nkdesignco.com
  • address: 285 Spadina Ave. Suite 3B, Toronto, ON M5T 2E6, Canada

10. Erica Design Interior Decorating Inc.

Erica Design Interior Decorating Inc. is a Toronto-based interior design firm specializing in creating functional and beautiful spaces. They offer a full range of design services, including kitchen and bath design, custom interiors, event decor, furniture selection, home staging, and home theater design. They serve clients throughout Toronto,Mississauga, Oakville, and all of Ontario.

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