5 Companies to Buy Stylish Christmas Wreaths in Toronto

Once the Christmas season starts, it’s hard not to get into the festive holiday spirit. Some people don’t decorate at all while others go all out. Whether it’s minimalist, simple, or extravagant décor, a Christmas wreath should always be part of the ensemble. Too busy to put up your tree? Place a wreath instead. It’s an easy and classy piece that will never go out of style.

Get beautiful wreaths from these five companies and you won’t look back. You can put them outdoors or indoors. Give them out as early presents. Depending on the styling, they can definitely look classy, modern, or hip. There’s always a wreath to suit any person’s unique characteristics. Check our picks below to learn more!

  1. VintageBASH

Christmas Wreaths Toronto

Leave it to the group that has styled a great number of elegant weddings to create the Christmas décor of your dreams. Always classy and chic, VintageBASH offers home decorations, tree styling, and wreaths, too. If you want a piece of their fabulous designs, you can start with their wreaths. These can be customized according to your house or theme. Will it be a winter wonderland or traditional pine green Christmas?

They can create amazing floral wreaths as well. Contact them and talk about what you want for this season. Whatever you decide, whether it’s full decoration or purchasing a wreath, VintageBASH will undoubtedly come through with excellent service and timeless arrangements – their trademark.

  1. Christmas Décor of Oakville

Christmas Decor of Oakville Christmas Décor of Oakville are known for their beautiful lighting fixtures in residential and commercial establishments. You’ll see their work aglow in the trees, outlining the roof, or the exterior of different houses. They can make spectacular dramatic displays using landscape lighting but, they also provide daytime décor such as garlands and wreaths. What makes them especially unique is the way they choose their designs to match the specific homes they decorate.

If you’re looking for a bright wreath, they can do this for you. These look wonderfully inviting during the day and dazzling at night. While you’re at it, you might want to avail of their amazing LED lighting services too. Always complementing and tasteful, you’ll surely be in the Christmas spirit once they’re done making your home a glowing masterpiece perfect for the wintertime.

  1. Tree in a Tote

Tree in a Tote

Tree in a Tote is a one-stop-shop for all your holiday needs. You can choose from their different pre-lit trees, decoration packages, and other Christmas essentials. Their wreaths are handmade and professionally decorated. You can get them in various sizes depending on where you decide to put them. Their designs range from classic and traditional to minimalistic greenery to hip and spunky.

There’s one to fit any personality. Reasonably priced, these gorgeous wreaths are the perfect addition to your door or living room. Each one is a piece that you can gift to others, too. We’re particularly in love with their succulent wreath and their pompom variant is a great present for your fun-loving and quirky friend. The evergreen wreath is minimalistic and can even be used after the holidays. Get one or two, to create a warm ambiance in your home. Furthermore, they make matching or similar tree decoration packages to complete your Christmas decoration.

  1. Flower Company

The Flower Company

Traditional wreaths never go out of style. Year after year, you can come back to the classic Christmas wreath and it will still look as lovely and just as homey. The Flower Company is known for its handcrafted and fresh flower arrangements and they take that same talent into their wreaths.

Affordable and easily accessible online, you can be sure to get a wreath that perfectly fits your style. They have readily available styles like their Holiday Homecoming Wreath that can be customized by adding balloons, bears, flowers, or you can choose to make it premium or fuller-looking, too. They have simpler options such as their holly, noel, comet, shine, and twinkle wreaths. All of these can be placed outdoor or inside your living space.

  1. The Flower Room

The Flower Room

Eco-friendly and nature-inspired, the Flower Room creates unique arrangements that represent nature in all its raw and unfiltered glory. They make use of fresh and dried elements, combining them tastefully to make distinct creations that you won’t find anywhere else. Their wreaths are exactly the same. This Christmas season, you can incorporate their designs into your own home.

A wild wreath adds character that can be your standalone décor or a beautiful accessory to your tree and other ornaments. If you’ve seen their wedding or floral arrangements before, you’d be pleased to know that the same originality and imagination is translated onto their wreaths. Make sure to drop by their store or send them a message for a quotation. Your home will thank you for it.



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