The Dos and Don’ts of Planning an Engagement Celebration

The exciting moment of your proposal marks the start of your journey to a lifetime of love. The engagement party is the first celebration activity of your forever journey and as simple as it sounds it requires some planning and etiquette.

An engagement party is not meant to be as elaborate as your wedding party so you might not have to plan as much as you would for the wedding. But here are some things to do and avoid when planning an engagement party. 

Do: Enjoy the Moment, but Don’t Delay

This time marks the beginning of a beautiful journey towards your wedding, a period filled with excitement and anticipation. While it’s tempting to dive headfirst into planning your engagement party, don’t hold your party too soon after the proposal. 

This encourages you to strike a balance between relishing the thrill of your commitment and allowing yourself some breathing space before the celebration.

Finding the right timing is crucial. You want your engagement party to be a reflection of the fresh love you share, a moment where the magic of your proposal is still vivid in your mind. Yet, you also need to consider the practicalities of organizing a memorable event. 

Too soon, and you might feel overwhelmed. Too late, and the initial excitement may have faded. So, while enjoying this special time, keep the celebration in mind, finding the perfect moment to share your joy with loved ones in a way that feels just right.

Do: Decide Who’s Hosting and What Their Roles Are

In the past, tradition dictated that the bride’s parents would take on the responsibility of hosting the engagement party. However, modern times have opened the door to new possibilities. 

Today, the hosting role is not confined to a specific set of individuals. It can be shared among anyone close to the engaged couple, including the couple themselves.

This flexibility is a welcome change, allowing you to tailor the engagement party to your preferences and dynamics. It might be a joint effort between both sets of parents, creating a sense of unity and shared excitement. 

Alternatively, the engaged couple can choose to take charge of certain aspects, injecting their unique personalities into the celebration.

Clarity is key when deciding who’s hosting and determining their roles. Open communication ensures that everyone involved is on the same page, avoiding any potential confusion. Ultimately, the goal is to create a harmonious and well-organized event.

Do: Assign Day-of Duties

Event planning can be a complex endeavor, and even if you decide not to hire a professional event planner, you don’t have to do it all alone. 

Your family and friends will be eager to contribute to your special day, and assigning day-of duties is an excellent way to involve them and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Also, hire vendors to help you with different activities. Assign the decoration to a reliable decor company, have a vendor be in charge of food, get a photography team to capture the event, and so on.

By assigning responsibilities, you free yourself from the logistical details, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the joy of your engagement party. 

Do: Keep the Guest List Intimate

One common pitfall that couples encounter is the temptation to invite an extensive circle of acquaintances. 

However, you should remember that an engagement party is meant to be an intimate gathering. The spotlight should be on the love and commitment you and your partner share.

By keeping the guest list intimate, you create a warm and inviting atmosphere, where you can personally connect with each guest. Moreover, this intimacy allows you to emphasize the significance of the commitment you’re celebrating. 

Do: Get Creative with Your Celebration

Your engagement party is a canvas upon which you can paint the unique story of your love. It’s a moment to celebrate the journey that has brought you to this point. 

To make the celebration truly special, consider getting creative and incorporating elements that define your relationship.

Think about your first meeting, the adventures you’ve embarked on together, and your favorite hobbies. You can weave these personal touches into the event, making it an authentic reflection of your love story. 

Consider exchanging symbolic gifts such as promise rings(mens wedding bands show your devotion to the upcoming wedding). You can also write a letter to your spouse to make it more romantic.

Do: Create a Memorable Atmosphere

The atmosphere you create at your engagement celebration plays a significant role in setting the tone for your wedding. It’s an opportunity to offer your guests a glimpse into the style and ambiance you envision for your big day.

One clever approach is to introduce a subtle contrast between your engagement party and your wedding. For instance, if your wedding is planned as a formal, sit-down affair, consider crafting a more casual and interactive atmosphere for your engagement party. 

This format allows guests to mingle and interact freely, rather than being confined to their assigned tables.

By creating a memorable atmosphere that complements your wedding vision, you offer your guests a preview of what’s to come. It’s a way to excite them about your upcoming nuptials and get them in the spirit of celebration.

Do: Customize the Menu

The smaller, more laid-back atmosphere of an engagement party offers an excellent opportunity to create a menu that is both fun and reflective of your personality when planning a menu for the engagement party

The concept of “his,” “hers,” and “ours” style foods encourages conversation and adds an element of personalization to the menu. You can select dishes that represent your individual tastes, giving your guests a glimpse into your personalities and preferences.

Whether it’s a favorite childhood dish or a regional delicacy, these selections can be a delightful conversation starter and provide a lighthearted touch to your engagement party.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to customize your meal by incorporating family favorites or cultural icons. Embrace the backgrounds and origins of both your families by serving dishes that represent your heritage. 

This not only adds a touch of nostalgia to the celebration but also reflects the unity of two families coming together. It’s a meaningful way to honor your roots and share your cultural heritage with your guests.

However, it’s essential to ensure that the menu you choose for your engagement party is distinct from what you intend to serve at your wedding. Remember, the goal is to infuse your engagement party with personality and flavor without duplicating the offerings. This keeps the two events distinct and offers your guests a unique culinary experience at each celebration.

Don’t: Overspend

You should plan your engagement party on a budget. Your engagement party is just the beginning of a series of wedding-related events, so it’s essential to keep in mind that it doesn’t need to be as elaborate or costly as the wedding itself. 

Overspending on the engagement party might not only add unnecessary financial strain but also set unrealistic expectations for the subsequent wedding. It’s important to strike a balance between creating a memorable celebration and managing your budget effectively. 

This financial prudence allows you to allocate your resources wisely for the wedding, where many of the significant expenses will be incurred.

Don’t: Expect Gifts

While engagement gifts are becoming more common, it’s important not to set the expectation that every guest must bring a gift. Historically, engagement parties were reserved for close friends and family, and gifts were not a standard practice. 

However, as engagement parties gain popularity, some guests may choose to bring gifts, but it should always be optional.

If you’d rather not receive gifts at your engagement party, you can kindly request the party’s host to include “No Gifts” on the invitation. This helps manage expectations and ensures that your guests feel comfortable attending without feeling obligated to bring a present. 

Ultimately, the focus of the celebration should be on sharing your joy and commitment with your loved ones, and gifts, if they come, should be seen as thoughtful gestures rather than requirements.

Don’t: Take Declined Invitations Personally

The guest list for the engagement party is often carefully curated to include close friends and family who hold a special place in the couples’ heart. However, do not take it personally if some of these cherished individuals are unable to attend. 

It’s important to remember that the engagement party is just one of many milestones on the journey toward your wedding.

People lead busy lives with various commitments, and their availability for your engagement party may be influenced by factors beyond their control. Work, family obligations, or other prior commitments may limit their ability to join the celebration. 

Rather than feeling disheartened, it’s best to gracefully accept their regrets and understand that there will be plenty of opportunities to celebrate together in the future.


Planning and executing an engagement party involves a delicate balance of thoughtful considerations. As much as you want to make it perfect, do not put yourself and your spouse under pressure.

Remember, you still have your wedding ceremony ahead of you. Whatever you get wrong in the engagement party can be rectified in the wedding party. All in all, remember to enjoy the party.

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