5 Top Elopements in North York

If you find that huge gatherings are not for you, maybe an elopement would better suit you and your partner’s sensibilities. No other type of wedding is as intimate. It could just be the two of you and an officiant or you can have a few loved ones as witnesses. Elopements give couples the ultimate freedom to have a wedding celebration the exact way they want to.

North York and its surrounding areas have beautiful venues for this kind of intimate gathering. Here are five stunning choices for your elopement needs.

  1. George Restaurant

George Weddings

George is one of Toronto’s best restaurants and has been a favorite wedding venue, too. They have different spaces available for intimate settings. You can rent out the Eliot Room for a very close gathering of a maximum of ten people. The Terrace Wing alongside Georgian 1 and 2 are also good options if you have more guests and want a small reception after.

Not only is it a picturesque location, you can be sure of the great food and service from their staff as well. George is an unmistakable choice for a beautiful elopement – gorgeous ambiance, delicious food, and impeccable service.

  1. Toronto Wedding Chapel

Toronto Wedding Chapel

Toronto Wedding Chapel has been a home to many elopements and micro weddings since 2006. Their packages range from simple signing to small wedding parties. They may it so convenient for couples to simply tie the knot without the complications of planning and whatnot.

Regardless of what type of elopement you have in mind, their all-inclusive packages are customizable. These include a wedding officiant and other wedding necessities you may want to add. Toronto Wedding Chapel makes it easy for couples to decide on what they want and go through with their elopements the most straightforward way possible.

  1. Bellamy Loft

Bellamy Loft

Your wedding, your say. That’s why Bellamy Loft has made their elopement packages as couple-friendly as possible. You can choose between a simple and direct “I do” or something more standard with a few guests. But you’re never left with only these two choices to contend with. The company’s passion for providing great events led them to create add-ons to any package so that you can customize. Make your elopement uniquely yours.

With their clients in mind, they’ve created affordable choices that include all wedding essentials, including an officiant. Just check out their offers and add-ons so you can create an especially distinct elopement that reflects your character as a couple.

  1. Nodo


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Restaurants can be a good venue for elopements. You need to find one with an atmosphere and setting you like. If you want a small celebration after, make sure they have the drinks and food you enjoy, too. Nodo is a fabulous Italian restaurant that can host your elopement dream wedding. They tick all the boxes – great place, mouth-watering food, and superb service.

You can easily celebrate with a close bunch of friends or it could just be the two of you after the ceremony. They have three branches but their Leslieville restaurant is quaint enough for a party of 10. Fantastic food offerings with wine and drink pairings perfect for a momentous occasion, Nodo is the place to be.

  1. Il Covo

Il Covo

Another culinary gem, Il Covo was a place made for people to escape the stresses and routine of life. The ambiance is warm and the food is absolutely divine. Imagine having your elopement here, it’s a perfect choice! The Back Room is immaculate for small events. It has just enough space for your close party.

Celebrate with delicious Italian food and excellent wine. Everything is exquisite and outstanding. You can’t go wrong. They have a team committed to providing only the best service. You get a gastronomic experience in a fantastic venue, choosing Il Covo is a decision you won’t ever regret.



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