Every once in a while, a new design trend takes center stageto the delight of many. Scandinavian or Nordic style interior design is just exactly that and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a home that has not striven for such a classy look.

Minimalistic, simple, but robust in its functionality, a Nordic Home Design will surely make your home the talk of your friends and peers. Fortunately for you, there are several stores in Toronto to cater exactly to your Nordic needs.

Here are 5 Top Nordic Style Home Décor Stores in Toronto.

  1. scan decor

Scan Decor

Scan Decor is all about contemporary and modern decor solutions that are the key features of premium Nordic design. They are the exclusive dealer of many European and North American brands like Fjords, American Leather, Ekornes, and so much more. They choose quality pieces that are built to last. Complete your home with furniture and accessories from their showroom.

When designing your home, it’s best to have a helping hand from the experts of the industry. That is Scan Decor’s sales team, who readily offer assistance in choosing the most appropriate pieces for your home. They will provide you with the best experience suitable for your needs.

  1. Mjolk


A relative newcomer to the Nordic Décor Industry, Mjolk certainly made a splash when it opened to the public in 2009. Headed by the husband-and-wife team of John Baker and Juli Daoust, the Mjolk promise are timeless pieces with excellent craftsmanship and functionality.

Rich in Nordic heritage, their pieces are the workmanship of only the finest artisans from Scandinavian and even Japan. In fact, most of the pieces are also collaborations of international designers with local Toronto artisans for that unique touch.

  1. Torp


With a strong foundation in Danish and Scandinavian design companies, Torp remains a solid choice for Nordic home decors. Founded in 2000, Torp has brought into America several Nordic brands that will certainly pique the interests of aspiring home makers or interior designers.

From George Jensen to Snedkergaarden products, Torp is home to quality Nordic decors built upon a strong market following. Indeed, your own home will be a Scandinavian abode in no time.

  1. Guff Furniture

Guff Furniture

With a strong grassroots following, Guff Furniture in the Riverside neighborhood of Toronto is one of the household names in Nordic home decors. Guff Furniture began as a vintage furniture store that has slowly evolved their catalog to lean heavily on Nordic or Scandinavian pieces.

Indeed, getting that magical Nordic find is frequently the norm experience when you visit Guff furniture. With very accommodating staff and a large selection of pieces, there’s certainly something to bring home after a visit at Guff.

  1. Lagom 142

Lagom 142

Definitely the youngest on this list, Lagom 142 is by no means a slouch. “Lagom” is a Swedish word for not too little and not too much. In that regard, Lagom 142 certainly gets it just right when it comes to Scandinavian furniture flair.

Borne out of a strong love for European furnishings, founders Laurie and Pere started Lagom 142 in 2017. With a carefully curated and rich selection of Scandinavian decors, Lagom 142 has earned its place as one of the premier stores for Nordic offerings.

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