10 Swoon-Worthy Toronto Engagement Photo Locations

Engagement shoots are not only fanfare. If you choose the right location, feel, and photographers, it can truly be special. Aside from gorgeous photos, this is also a way for you to get to know your photographers. This means that you will no longer be uptight at your wedding, you can just relax as they take pictures of your special day. Treat it as a great couple bonding experience too.

Have a theme in mind, research for a talented photographer that fits your style, and take time to choose a location where everything ties together for a memorable shoot. The beautiful city of Toronto has many spots for photo ops. Check out our 10 top locations that can suit your vibe and theme below!

1. Bellamy Loft – 1230 Sheppard Ave

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If you have a specific idea in mind and can’t find a place to execute these thoughts, rent out a studio instead. Bellamy Loft is an indoor open space loft that you can turn to whatever you want it to be. We highly recommend for couples wanting to go all out and wanting a more structured shoot.

Visit them at https://bellamyloft.com

2. The Distillery District

NGA 17 10 Swoon-Worthy Toronto Engagement Photo LocationsThe rustic feel of the Distillery District makes it an impressive site for engagement shoots. It is open to couples and you don’t have to undergo a tedious process for permits. The unique displays surrounding the alleys and street add character and flair to the scene.

2. Polson Pier – 2 Polson Street

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You won’t go wrong for choosing Polson Pier for your engagement session, especially if you’re big on the outdoors and you want a natural feel to your shoot. You have Lake Ontario’s breathtaking view as your backdrop. The sunset view and quiet scenery is every bit as romantic as you want a prenup photo to be.

3. Storm Crow Manor – 580 Church Street

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If you and your partner share a love for movies and tv shows, Storm Crow Manor is a perfect venue for your prenup shoot. It has various rooms with distinct types of decors and thematic cultural references. Better add this to your list of options and visit so you can have a feel for the place prior to your session.

Visit them at https://stormcrow.com/location/storm-crow-manor-toronto/

4. Casa Loma – 1 Austin Terrance

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If you want a mythical or fairy-tale themed shoot, Casa Loma Castle is an excellent choice. Its beautiful garden and classic furniture will surely create photos that look like they’ve been picked out of a Hans Christian Andersen book.

Visit them at https://casaloma.ca

5. Allan Gardens – 160 Gerrard Street East

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Allan Gardens is one of the oldest parks in Ontario. One look at its grounds and you’ll realize that it’s made for romantic photo sessions. Its surroundings are trails, greenery, and flowers. It’s a special plot of land that will make your pictures a classic to look at even years from now.

6. Evergreen Brick Works – 550 Bayview Ave

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For the chill and breezy couple who want a simple photoshoot, you can count on Evergreen Brick Works to provide an effortless background to your shots. It is exceptionally stunning during the fall when you can see the leaves change colors. The deep rust tones match the location so beautifully and you’ll surely want to have a copy of those photos ASAP!

7. Royal Ontario Museum – 100 Queens Park

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A museum is an ageless location for engagement sessions. Surrounded by art and history, you can’t go wrong with the Royal Ontario Museum.

Visit them at https://rom.on.ca/en

8. Graffiti Alley – Located in The Fashion District

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If you’re a couple who likes art and wants a modern shoot, Graffiti Alley in the Fashion District can bring a fresh personality to your engagement photos. Think about out of the box ideas for your theme and let the cool street vibe do the rest.

9. High Park – 1873 Bloor Street West

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High Park gives you endless photo locations. There are different sceneries left and right. It has a botanical garden, a zoo, a lake, and its most famous attraction-cherry blossom trees. It can create a pastel scenery with the pink-colored trees and soft, diffused sunlight. The surroundings will literally make you pretty as a picture.

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