Going through our busy schedule every day is no excuse to forget grabbing a gift for your loved one’s special day. Make them feel remembered and special by ordering from Toronto online gift shops with just few taps. You can even have it delivered straight to their door and give them a good surprise. In case you’re wondering what gift to get, check out these 10 best Toronto Online Gift Shops that deliver within GTA.


1. Floralbash

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FloralBash is one of the leading go-to Toronto Online Gift Shops that offer you quality flowers. They accept orders online and give the customers a wide variety of floral arrangements to choose from. Explore their selection of fresh flowers, dried flowers, and even greeneries. Furthermore, their flowers can be used as decor, a gift, and can also be ordered in bulk for an event.

Should you are interested to have frequent deliveries, you can avail of their subscription service. With a minimum of 4 batches, this is perfect if you want to be consistent and make your loved one smile with your regular dose of flowers. Besides this, they also have treat boxes, grazing boxes, and other luxury food boxes you can add when you check out.

2. Kace Catering

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Looking for someone who specializes in producing perfectly catered events and functions? Kace Catering is who you are looking for. Besides impressive full-service catering, they also offer delicious food choices. From grazing boxes, treat boxes, and even three-course meals, they sure will a smile on the recipient’s face. More than just great food, they also offer customization for people with dietary restrictions.

If you’re also having celebrations, you can book them for an unparalleled full-catering of mouth-watering gourmet food and impressive service. But for now, you can simply opt to have your food delivered. Feel free to check add-ons too! They have wine, tea, and juices to get for a complete meal experience.

3. Pictus Goods

Pictus Goods makes locally handmade products that are perfect for decorations or gifting. But before that, they are popular for their eco-friendly yet elegant flowers in bouquet arrangements or flower boxes. They also make pieces of jewelry, ceramics, decors, candles, natural body care products and lots of other giftable items. Furthermore, these are all made sustainably and unique that’s perfect for any personality of the receiver.

4. Likely General

likely general

A shop and an art space where artists meet halfway, Likely General is their avenue to show or present their art that’s readily available for all. If you’re not sure what to get yet, we suggest browsing through their Toronto Online Gift Shop where you can find a wide variety of products. From candles, body care, paper products, and even, ceramics. They sure have something for any personality. Moreover, they also launch workshops and art galleries that you can check out to actively support artists.

5. Scout

Scout is a card and gift shop that offers unique and handmade thoughtful items perfect for any occasion. Besides cardstock, they also offer accessories, pieces of jewelry, body care products, decors, stuffs for babies, and toys. With this diverse selection of items, we are sure you’ll find one that suits best the recipient. Furthermore, the quality is for sure good and affordable too.

6. Peter and Paul’s Gifts

peter and paul gifts

Looking for a bundle? Here’s Peter & Paul’s Gifts. They are one of the best Toronto online gift shops that offer quality, timeless, and personal gifts that embody so much thought and affection. Whatever the recipient’s personality is, you can surely find one here that best suits them and your budget. From intimate to even formal relationships, they sure have something you can get as well. All are assured to be the best products you can ever give such as wine, gourmet gifts, or even gift cards.

7. Bright Baskets

Bright Baskets offers a wide catalogue of personalized gift sets that is perfect for any occasion and event. Moreover, each set they have has a mix of personal and modern items that can be of use to the recipient. From baby, anniversaries, to even spa and coffee, they give you more chances to move around your budget without compromising the items in a basket.

8. Token Toronto

token toronto

A modern Toronto online gift shop that offers pieces of jewelry, books, beauty products, crystals, and greeting cards. Token Toronto sure has something functional and sustainable that you can give as a gift. Moreover, you can also go big with their spa and wellness gift boxes that any woman would surely love.

9. Present Day Gifts

Present Day offers luxury and personally curated gift boxes and baskets for specific personalities. Each gift sets that they offer has a specific theme that you can explore depending on the recipient’s personality. More than anything, each is assured to suit the recipient’s taste and will bring joy to them. It’s like having a personalized set made just for them.

10. Juxtapose Annex

juxtapose annex

Another Toronto online gift shop is Juxtapose Annex. They are a card and gift shop offering products that are perfect for anyone and everyone. With that in mind, they carry a wide range of items in different categories. Moreover, some of these are stationary, home decor, self-care, and even apparel.

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