5 Best Toronto Plant Shops in North York

Have you ever browsed through interior design magazines or your Instagram feed to find homes so perfectly decorated using plants and flowers? One minute you’re saving the pictures and the next thing you know, you’re researching on what types of greenery to buy for yourself. We get it. It’s hard to get started when there are so many plants on the market, it can get overwhelming.

Toronto has many plant shops but we’ve gathered 5 of the best in terms of supply and customer service. All these stores have flowers, indoor, outdoor, or air plants, garden supplies, succulents, and so much more. Any expert horticulturist or new plant enthusiast will surely love each one.

  1. VintageBASH

Everyone at VintageBASH is dedicated to making all things pretty using timeless design. They’ve been using florals and greens to make events and homes beautiful in their years in the business. If you need blooms, fresh or dried, you can be sure that they’ve got the most gorgeous buds in-store. The same gorgeous flowers you see in their events are now available for you. Get a bouquet or a bundle of blooms or grass for your home. You can even ask their expert stylists on how to beautify your space VintageBASH style.

  1. Wildhood


Wildhood carried local Ontario-grown flowers and plants that fit any budget. They are the perfect shop for experts and new plant parents alike. Their team is very accommodating and they’ll gladly help you choose the best décor, flower, or plant for your home.

They have a great selection of plants at any budget and their bouquets are so dainty and sweet. Their quaint shop also carries dried grasses and arrangements. Come check their site for great finds at great prices too.

  1. Valleyview Gardens

Valleyview Gardens

For over 50 years, Valley view Gardens has been servicing Canada with the best and most varied selection of plants and flowers. They have everything for everyone. They have fruits, vegetables, and herbs along with trees and shrubs. Of course, you can expect flowers and plants too. From perennials, roses, tropicals, annuals, succulent, and cacti. They’re your one-stop-shop.

Valleyview has 5 acres of working land with 45,000 square feet of covered greenhouses which can only attest to the great quality control of all their products.

  1. Greenhouse to Garden

Greenhouse to Garden

Greenhouse to Garden incorporates plants and greenery into interior design. You can get your own from their shop and speak to their growing specialists. Get great advice with regard to planting, landscape design, and any plant-related concerns you have. It’s wonderful to get started on your green thumb journey with them.

They don’t only carry a large stock of plants, they also have gardening supplies and accessories for all your needs.

  • website: https://greenhousetogarden.ca/
  • address: Kleinburg (Vaughan), Ontario
  1. Floral Bash

If it’s flowers you need, it’s Floral Bash you need to visit. They have a large variety of blooms and creative florists that make gorgeous bouquets. If you have something in mind, they can customize it for you. They also have their signature bouquets that speak for themselves.

Any home or person will be glad to receive one of their creations. Spark joy with a Floral Bash arrangement today!





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