10 Top Wedding Decorators & Florists in Toronto

Styling can make or break a wedding. You’ve already poured hours of research into Pinterest boards and wedding sites to come up with a theme you want. The next thing to do is figure out who can execute these ideas to life. Invest in quality and put in just as much research into finding out the best people you can trust to make your wedding day look exactly how you dreamt it to be!

It’s easy to get lost in the extensive list of vendors available, but that’s what we’re here for. We’ve handpicked the 10 top wedding decorators and florists in the Toronto area so it’s easier for you to create your shortlist. Their portfolios speak for themselves, they are miracle workers that can transform a place completely to become what you want and more.

1. VintageBash


You’ll find the VintageBash office at 1230 Sheppard Ave W in North York. They opened their business in 2017 with the goal of providing top-quality event design services that showcase outstanding style concepts that exceed their client’s expectations.

They offer decorative items and floral arrangements in fresh and faux. Today, the company has expanded to provide rentals for all kinds of events, including weddings and bridal showers. They have a large variety of decor and products to choose from, so drop by their office or visit their website to check the catalog.

As they continuously grow in the events industry, they have recently opened their own rental space for small gatherings. Their sister company, Bellamy Loft, is located right beside the VintageBash office. It’s a new location for photoshoots, intimate weddings, or parties.

Visit them at www.vintageBASH.ca

2. Rachel A. Clingen

Rachel Aclingen Weddings

Rachel A. Clingen is an event planner with 27 years of experience under her belt. Her passion for the business arose from planning her own wedding with her husband and co-founder David Clingen. From there, they opened Rachel A. Clingen Wedding and Event Design.

They specialize in stylish wedding decor and luxury floral arrangements. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance and they take pride in making their clients’ dreams into realities. Aside from styling, they also provide rentals, stage set-ups, and custom fabrics. They have carved their way into the wedding scene. They are regarded as one of the best in the business because of their remarkable service and impeccable planning.

Visit them at http://rachelaclingen.com

3. Plate Occasions

Plate Decor and Set upPlate Decor and Set up

Cynthia Martyn, the founder and creator of Plate Occasions, has worked for almost 20 years in the wedding and events industry. She founded the company in 2015 after years of struggling to find unique tableware that perfectly matched her client’s events.

Plate Occasions provide not only rentals of their carefully curated tableware to planners and designers, but these are also available for hosting parties and other events. They specialize in luxury tableware including charger plates, dinnerware, textiles, and other enhancements that truly add character and pizzazz to any function, big or small.

Visit them at https://plateoccasions.com

4. R5 Event Design and Production

R5 events 1 10 Top Wedding Decorators & Florists in Toronto R5 events 2 10 Top Wedding Decorators & Florists in Toronto

R5 Events is an award-winning, full-service decor and production company. Their major goal is to create amazing events that will leave a lasting impression on their clients and guests. They specialize in corporate, charity gala, film festivals, weddings, and other festive events. Their services include AV production, decor, staging, and floral designs.

Visit them at https://www.r5e.ca

5. Art of Celebrations

celebration 1 10 Top Wedding Decorators & Florists in Toronto celebration 2 10 Top Wedding Decorators & Florists in Toronto

Roxy Zapala, the founder and creative director of Art of Celebrations, aims to provide full detailed planning for her clients. She is an event planner, a stylist, floral designer, and is also an interior design consultant. She has extensive experience in the events industry and they have featured her works in several wedding blogs and magazines. From weddings, she has expanded her brand to include different events. She specializes in creating magnificent floral and decor displays and is now making waves as a destination wedding planner.

Visit them at https://www.artofcelebrations.com

6. Cover Couture Decor and Floral Arrangements

couture 1 10 Top Wedding Decorators & Florists in Toronto couture 2 10 Top Wedding Decorators & Florists in Toronto

Cover Couture has over 12 years of experience in the industry. It has become an elite event company that caters to provide excellent event design and decor. Cover Couture has an extensive collection of rentals, luxury linens, furniture, and floral designs. They are constantly expanding their inventory to accommodate all of their client’s requests. They are top-rated because they strive to make sure they meet their clients’ expectations at all times.

Visit them at https://www.coverscouture.com

7. Blush and Bloom

blush bloom 1 10 Top Wedding Decorators & Florists in Toronto blushbloom 2 10 Top Wedding Decorators & Florists in Toronto

The creative director and owner of Blush and Bloom is Becky De Oliveira. She has over 19 years of experience in events. People in the business know her company for their amazing and unique floral arrangements. Her floral designs are topnotch and Becky’s dedication to her craft has made her one stalwart in the industry.

Visit them at https://www.blushandbloom.ca

8. Flowers Time

flowerstime 1 10 Top Wedding Decorators & Florists in Toronto

Founded by Alina Taemelova, Flowers Time is a luxury floral decor and production company whose passion is to bring creativity to every decor and floral arrangement they produce. Alina’s goal is to make clients’ dreams and visions come true. They serve large galas, intimate gatherings, and weddings. Their team includes qualified and professional florists and designers, who help to create an amazing experience.

Visit them at https://flowerstime.ca

9. Botany Floral Studio

botany1 10 Top Wedding Decorators & Florists in Toronto

Botany Floral Studio separates itself from the classic floral design by putting a modern yet natural spin on their arrangements. They offer distinct decor and design for weddings, events, and other occasions. Their style leans toward the whimsical as they work towards creating a more eco-friendly approach to wedding styling. Their designs are never exactly the same because they source their flowers from local farms only and they make sure that these are always fresh and seasonal.

Visit them at https://www.botanyflowers.ca

10. BLUUMBLVD Floral and Events

bluum 2 10 Top Wedding Decorators & Florists in Torontobluum 3 10 Top Wedding Decorators & Florists in Torontobluum 1 10 Top Wedding Decorators & Florists in Toronto

Blummblvd lives by the statement, “made with love.” They are passionate about creating wedding floral arrangements and styling that are unique and in line with the couples’ personalities. Even though they have worked with magazines, they still maintain their stance on client satisfaction. They can customize and adjust to accommodate your requests from style, venue, and budget.

Visit them at https://www.bluumblvd.com/bluumblvd-downtown-toronto-wedding-flowers

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