Tradeshow & Convention Decor and Design Packages

Best Brand Tradeshow & Convention Decor and Design Packages

Tradeshows invite dozens of brands in a specific industry and intend to attract large foot traffic in one place. Depending on the objectives set, getting a slot in a tradeshow or convention is a good idea to put your brand out there and generate brand interest. More than cost, one great challenge brands face in these highly-competitive environments is how to stand out and attract more people to their booth. This is where we come in – we can help you craft a tradeshow and convention presence to remember.

Tradeshow & Convention Decor and Set Design Professionals in Toronto

  • We got the touchpoints covered: More than understanding your brand vision and core elements, we tie these details together with the essential brand touchpoints to cover. Going through the five senses, we craft a story that’s irresistible, noticeable, and actually remarkable. We manage the lighting, staging, decor plan, and everything else — no need to worry since we can get it all covered before the big day.
  • Seamless planning and scheduling: Working with a professional event designer can help you save time, resources, and effort. Once we’re settled with the plan, we can set everything in motion and ready (then takedown) as scheduled. This means you can focus on the important things and entertain potential clients without any worry.

Already have a booth setup but need help in minor revamping? We can help! Check out our ala carte decorating and designing services to see which suits you best or have us curate something specific to what you need.