Checklist: Ultimate Wedding Beauty Plan

First of all, congratulations on your engagement! Now, you have to prepare for the biggest day of your life. Needless to say, you have to remember that you are beautiful in your unique way which is surely the reason why your future husband fell in love with you in the first place. However, it’s still important to have an ultimate wedding beauty plan. While taking care of yourself should have started even before the engagement happened, it’s not bad at all that you’re just starting now. Regardless if you’re a skin-care virgin, shy away from having an intensive one or enthusiast by now, you might want to grab a pen and paper now and take down all your notes.

While the glow from being newly engaged is the most natural and genuine beauty secret, achieving skin radiance is rather a process to take. In other words, it doesn’t happen overnight. So if you want to sport flawless skin while blinding everyone with your bridal glow, read on to our comprehensive wedding beauty plan.

Ultimate Wedding Beauty Plan

2 26 Checklist: Ultimate Wedding Beauty Plan

1 Year Before

If you have already started your skin care routine, you won’t find our guidelines overwhelming at all. Not to mention, how you already know that good skin doesn’t just happen overnight, hence, why we’re starting one year before your wedding day.

Stress Management

No matter how much you treat your skin, the most important thing you should improve is your stress management. We understand how wedding jitters can cause too much stress but it doesn’t mean you’re not going to do anything to keep at bay. Remember how stress can affect your skin conditions (if you have any) and weaken your immune system. You have to be in your best shape for the coming months so be sure to manage your stress! That being said, don’t forget to have fun or maybe opt to set an appointment with the best massage parlor in town.

Skin Prep

Visit a Dermatologist and Aesthetician

Since having good skin doesn’t happen overnight, setting an appointment with a dermatologist and aesthetician should be done at least one year before your wedding day. By doing so, you get access to proper skin assessment of what works best for your skin and what you should avoid using. While you can binge watch Youtube videos about skin care gurus, nothing can beat the reliability a professional and licensed skin doctor can provide you. In addition to that, regularly visiting your aesthetician is proven to help your skin in ways opting for trial and error skin care routines of other people can give you.

Try Using Retinol

When you visit the professionals, they would probably suggest starting with your first retinol product. Since it has been derived from vitamin A, it can unclog pores, turnover your cells, help in diminishing hyperpigmentation and ultimately, boost your collagen production. This means that retinol can help you slow aging and achieve even more youthful skin before your wedding day.


You don’t have to be a skin care enthusiast to know that we accumulate dead skin cells every day. This means that your facial skin also sheds which calls for exfoliation to remove them and make way for a new layer. Regular exfoliation can also help in the proper absorption of serums and other products you will be putting on your skin. After exfoliating, experts suggest using brightening oils and serums to further enhance the glow.

Body Prep

Consider Laser Hair Removal

While you think opting for laser hair removal is a luxury, we believe it’s worth the splurge. Laser hair removal is best to keep your armpits, legs and of course, private area free from unpleasant looking hair. By opting for this, you also help in lessening their chance of regrowing again. Not to mention how some hair strands that grow back are so much more softer than those that have grown from shave or waxing.

Nourish Your Skin in the Shower

Skin care does not only go for your face, it should also be observed for your body. Invest on nourishing body care essentials that can help maintain your skin’s moisture. Use body scrubs to help in exfoliating your skin, gentle cleanser and maybe indulge in a luxury bath from time to time. Another way to keep your overall body youthful and moisturized is by using a humidifier in your room. This tool can help in avoiding clogged pores, thus, help in keeping your skin flawless for the months to come.

Plan and Execute Your Workout Routine

If you want to look at your best shape and pose shamelessly in front of the camera, you should start planning and executing your workout routine. This wouldn’t be much of a challenge for those who are already fit and active but if you’re not, now is the best time to get on your feet and get moving. You certainly won’t like that your wedding dress would get a skimpy fit if you overindulge in food and drinks.

Plan Your Meals

Achieving your goal weight for the wedding is a two-way street. You also have to balance it with a proper diet. Avoid crash dieting as it would only lead you to craving for more, hence, eating more and gaining more weight rather than losing. With this, try eating too much sugar, instead, eat more fiber and protein. This way you can achieve your fit faster and in better shape.

Keep Your Hands Supple

Of course, other than your face, what could be the most photographed body part is your hands. So, as early as now, invest in lotion and oils that could help in minimizing fine lines present in your hands.

6 Months Out


Your crowning glory should be well taken care of. Whether you opt to use a wedding veil or not, your hair should look at its most pristine condition on your wedding day. If you’re fond of playing with it by different colous, then it’s probably damaged and requires professional help. If that’s the case, starting off way early is beneficial. Visit a salon as soon as you can to have a proper assessment of your hair and proceed treatments required.

Consider Having a Keratin Treatment

After using a lot of hair products and tools, there’s no getting the fact that they are all damaging and can cause your hair to frizz. Fortunately, there’s an innovative hair treatment known as Keratin that helps in giving a breath of life to your nearly dead hair.

Use Shampoo Less Often

Yes, you read that right. While your can freaking amazing, using shampoo frequently can damage your hair. Remember that don’t overdo it as it can cause dulling and drying, especially if you just had your keratin treatment. Besides, our hair has a natural oil that helps in nourishing them so don’t buy different companies’ marketing strategies.

Research for Hairstyle Inspiration

Aside from taking care of your locks, having a hairstyle in mind that you can show to your stylist can be beneficial for you. By doing this, you ensure to get the best look you’re aiming for and be feel the most confident on your big day. You may also consider getting a hair extension if you wish to have more volume or length for your hairdo.

Makeup Look Prep

Some brides prefer to do their own makeup and if you belong to that group of women, you should prepare your makeup stash. Make sure you don’t wear your usual everyday makeup look and instead, go for a more refined and sophisticated look. Otherwise, hiring a makeup artist is the best option.

Satin Finished Look is Your Way to Go

If you already hired a makeup artist, you can simply request a satin finish foundation. This type of finish makes skin look more glowy and natural, perfect for a day you would want to look your most authentic self – just better.

Go For Neutrals

If you’re fond of using a pop of colors, you might want to tone it down for your wedding. You wouldn’t want your eyeshadow to steal your thunder so it’s going for neutral shades is the most reasonable decision for you. After all, you can express this love for color in another way. For instance, you can request to have a colorful reception and decor that can bring the day even more fun. However, if you would really want to go against the norm, consider testing out the look first before going bold. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with going extraordinary, just make sure you won’t regret it afterwards!


You’ll be flashing the biggest and sweetest smile on your wedding day. And if you haven’t been taking care of your pearly whites, you may need to get on your feet start doing so. By doing this, you’re also doing yourself a favor, making sure that you won’t suffer from any toothache and gum problems on your biggest day.

Visit Your Dentist

A gorgeous and radiant smile starts with good oral health. Visit your dentist instantly if you want to improve your smile. You can consider having invisible aligners or Invisalign if you want to achieve a picture-perfect smile.

premium garden r Checklist: Ultimate Wedding Beauty Plan

3 Months Out

Don’t Drink Too Much Coffee and Alcohol

Everything in too much amount can be bad. While coffee can help boost your energy in the morning, it can add jitters to your wedding preparation. That being said, you have to try and cut down your caffeine intake. Instead, you opt for other sources of energy such as tea. Aside from that, you should also watch your alcohol consumption. We understand that there might be a lot of celebrations happening but believe us when we say don’t drink too much. It can you bloatedness and may even cause you to gain weight, contrary to what you’re trying to achieve.

2 Months Out

Opt for Beauty Innovations

There are a lot of beauty tools and technology that helped countless women to look at their most confident.

Avoid Tweezers

If your go-to eyebrow maintenance is plucking, experts say you should consider switching to threading or waxing. This is because plucking risks loss of natural arch shape, unlike threading and waxing that are less likely to do so. You wouldn’t want your expression to be affected so better try those two and decide for yourself.

Consider Microbladed Eyebrows

Are your brows looking sparse and just need a little help from technology? Well, microblading is a trending eyebrow treatment that fills in your brows with a semi-permanent ink. This non-invasive treatment looks so natural and would even look more beautiful after it lightly fades for a month or two.

Consider Eyelash Extensions

Another beauty innovation you should try is eyelash extensions. Skip the running mascara and sticking out fake lashes with these babies. They won’t budge, customizable and most importantly, can look natural, depending on which style you choose. Moreover, eyelash extensions are semi-permanent as well so you can enjoy them even through your honeymoon.

1 Month Out


After heeding to all the beauty tips, in a month you should tone it down and relax more. One of the best ways is to have regular sessions of massage and therapy to release stress and help you have a better night’s sleep.

New Hair Color or Retouch

The most ideal time to have your hair redone is a month before the wedding. Allowing your hair to breathe for months can help in preventing damage and restore its glow. Aside from that, you also save yourself from spending a lot for retouching your roots of hair color.

Keep Up Your Healthy Living Habits

Your regular workout session and planned meals should be a habit and continue on even after your wedding preparations. You may also include this as part of your marriage hobbies where you can bond and connect with each other.

Teeth Whitening

No smile can be sweeter if your teeth are as white as pearls. One month before the wedding is the most ideal time for teeth whitening as it helps you in saving unnecessary expenses by repeatedly doing the treatment. Remember to use a straw when drinking beverages that could stain your teeth.

2 Weeks Out


Whether you’ve set out to have gel nail polish or a natural, two weeks before the ceremony is the most ideal time to set an appointment. Not only do your nails will look the freshest two weeks out, you also avoid damaging them until the big day.

Oil Up Your Nails

Like our skin, nails can become dry, sometimes even brittle. So to make sure they’re in their best shape, oil them up.

Teeth Cleaning

The final touches of your teeth should involve deep cleaning. Swing by your dentist two weeks before the wedding to ensure their at their tip-top shape.

Skip the All-Night Partying and Drinking

By now, all the celebrations should be scheduled during or after the wedding. This is to ensure you won’t look bloated and defeat all the preparations you made just to be at your best shape. Aside from that, you also avoid any accidents that could wound you or injure you or your guests, hence, cause you uncalled for discomfort and stress.

3 Days Out

Add Another Layer of Glow Using Spray Tan

If you want to add an extra layer of glow, try using spray tan. While it might be ideal to have a trial spray tan months before the wedding, having one 3 days before shouldn’t be a problem if you’re already a pro or if you’re planning to have it done in a professional salon.

1 Day Out

Skip the Hair Conditioner

Yes, you read that right. Skip the conditioner one day before the wedding to help hair products to stay on your hair. This means your hairdo will be and unbudged throughout the day especially if you skipped using conditioner the day before the ceremony.


The wedding day is the most special day so it’s best to sleep no matter how excitement and jitters keep you up. You will need tons amount of energy so you have to be well-rested to have a fuelled energy when the day comes.

On the Day

Veer Off Heavy Contouring

If you’re fond of doing heavy contour, now is not the time to obsess over it. As mentioned, weddings call for the bridal look that exudes the most natural version of yourself during this solemn ceremony so it’s not ideal to go with usual everyday heavily contoured makeup.

Have Fun

Savour the moments and enjoy every bit of them. You don’t get married to the love of your life that often so make the most out of it and unleash the goddess in you!



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