5 Shops For Unique Mother’s Day Gifts This 2024 in Toronto (Ontario)

This Mother’s day, let’s make moms feel like true queens. The past year and even 2022 continue to be challenging for everybody. Let’s lighten up the mood and give them the best finds that suit their personalities and lifestyle. We totally understand how it can be overwhelming to choose the best gift for the special moms in your lives. Mom, grandma, wife, sister, or friend – these mothers deserve the best. Fear not, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 shops for unique Mother’s Day gifts this 2022. We hope you find what you’re looking for and moreover, we hope she loves it just as much as we love every single suggestion we listed down below!

1. KACE Catering: Charcuterie Platters / Grazing Spread

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries & Flowers · Sweet Grazing Boxcharcuterie boxes toronto
KACE Catering is a full-service catering and staffing company. You can book them for any event and they’ll provide the highest quality food and service for any occasion. While you may not have a grand party planned for your mom, you can still give her the KACE Catering experience via their charcuterie platters. Not all grazing spreads are made the same way. Using only the finest ingredients, their skills are at work in making the best-tasting pairings for the perfect Mother’s day gift.

Whether it’s a savory platter or something sweet, let their team know and they’ll make it just the way you want it. Not only will it taste awesome, but they also decorate your boxes in the prettiest designs. This present is great for bonding time but it also works for her “me” time wine night.

2. Floral Bash – Unique Flower Gifts

Mothers Day Flowerswhite bouquet torontoWhite Roses Flower BoxWhite Roses Bouquet

What’s a Mother’s day celebration without flowers? Give her a beautiful arrangement courtesy of one of Toronto’s best florists, Floral Bash. Their team is skilled in creating unique and stunning bouquets of any size for any occasion. This will surely make anyone, especially your mom feel loved.

For this year’s Mother’s day affair, the Floral Bash team has a special offer that will surely make her swoon. Their special bundles include 3 options. They have a large bouquet and macaron box for the first one, flowers and macaron box for the second, and a jar arrangement with a macron box for the third. They’ve paired up with Macarons and Mint for an extra special gift bundle for your queen.

  1. Tile Mate

Tile Mate

There was a time when you’d always rely on your mom for the answer to all the “where” questions. This time, make it easier for her to find her things too. Tile Mate is an ingenious piece of technology that allows anything and everything findable. It comes in different shapes to fit your lifestyle but its most popular variant looks like a small keychain. Simply attach it to any piece that is commonly misplaced or something very important.

It’s a Bluetooth-enabled device that can be paired to the phone so that she can ring it at any time she needs to find something. If she’s far away, she’ll still be able to see where it was placed the last time through a map. This is one of the most convenient inventions ever and is indeed a great gift for this mother’s day. While you’re at it, you may want to get one, two, or three, for your own use as well!

  1. By Catalfo – Stylish Loungewear

By Catalfo

A mother’s haven is her house. On her special day, give her a present that will make her feel luxurious at the comfort of her own home. By Catalfo loungewear is an indulgence that she more than deserves. Each collection features custom print artwork and feminine silhouettes that are comfortable and stylish.

Choose silk pajamas and add a robe too if you’re feeling extra generous. Each piece is lovingly made to last a long time while it ages gracefully. These are investment pieces that can be worn at home or when she’s out and about. This is bang for your buck goodness.

  1. Hush. – Weighted Blanket

hush 5 Shops For Unique Mother's Day Gifts This 2024 in Toronto (Ontario)

No, this is not your typical blanket that you use to feel warm. This is getting a blanket that gives you that AND makes it seem like you’re hugged in all the right places. The Hush weighted blankets give the ultimate relaxation and comfort needed for a restful and rejuvenating sleep.

Imagine giving the mothers in your life a hug through a blanket. Hush’s products are 5 times heavier than a duvet is proven to reduce stress and anxiety for deeper sleep. Any present that will lessen ill-feelings and give them more energy for the next day is definitely a win.


A mother’s sacrifice is really something we only get to understand once we get to a certain age or when we become parents ourselves. Stay at home or working, they have and continually do so much to make our lives comfortable. While it’s important to show them appreciation and love daily, let’s make them feel how special they truly are on a day specially dedicated for them.

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