10 Shops to Buy Unique Retirement Gifts During Pandemic in Toronto

Before COVID hit, it was easy to celebrate in any place and in any way we want to. 2021 is seemingly no different. With strict protocols in place to control the infection, it’s harder to commemorate special occasions such as retirements. Let’s not let our current situation hinder friendships and achievements.

In this article, we have 10 shops where you can buy unique retirement gifts during the pandemic in Toronto. We’re giving you options for presents that will help your coworkers, friends, or family members enjoy a new hobby or how to spend their extra free time. We also have COVID-19 gift delivery boxes on this list. Some include wonderful relaxing home items while others give you the ability to celebrate together despite the distance. Turn the new page on this next chapter of their lives with a meaningful gift. Read on to learn more about the picks below

  1. Floralbash

floralbash 310 scaled 10 Shops to Buy Unique Retirement Gifts During Pandemic in Toronto

Flowers are a quintessential present that has stood the test of time. No matter the event, it’s a great gift to show you care. Floralbash takes this a step higher. Not only do they offer beautiful bouquet arrangements – predesigned and customized, but they also have gift boxes that you can order to go with their signature designs. They have a menu of sweet and savory boxes that you can enjoy through a Zoom party or a simple Facetime call. Now more than ever are we reminded how important human connection is. Floralbash offers lovely blooms and great food that you can enjoy together despite the distance.

  1. Capsule

The retiree now has more time than ever to commit to new endeavors. If he or she has the desire to get into the health circuit, Capsule has amazing fitness gear to help start this venture. From sneakers to apparel, anyone will get hyped to work out when gifted with goods from their collection. Make sure to browse through all their website has to offer. You’ll have a variety of choices from different brands that are both stylish and useful.

  1. KACE Catering

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Have a party with friends and coworkers. Prepare games that are fun to play online and order an amazing grazing and charcuterie box from KACE Catering to seal the deal. As a trusted event caterer, their team has made their famous grazing spreads available for everyone to enjoy in the comfort of their own home. Have these with wine or cocktails. They currently have sweet and savory, dessert, luxury charcuterie, sushi bake trays, macarons, and other tasty boxes you can order. Make it an unforgettable party with KACE Catering’s outstanding food and service.

  1. Above Ground Art Supplies

For your friend or family member who wants to dabble into art, look no further than Above Ground Art Supplies to get them a present they’ll appreciate. This store specializes in carrying the fundamentals and hard-to-find items for students and professionals alike. They now have three retail stores and an extensive online store for you to choose the perfect supplies to help get this new hobby started. From paint, brushes, pencils, sculpture materials, studio essentials, and so much more. Above Ground Art Supplies has everything your new budding artist needs.

  • website: https://www.abovegroundartsupplies.com/
  • address: Toronto – Downtown 74 McCaul Street / Toronto – West (The Junction) 2868 Dundas St. W / Toronto – East (The Beach) 1842 Queen St. E
  1. VintageBASH

vbash 10 Shops to Buy Unique Retirement Gifts During Pandemic in Toronto

VintageBASH has styled weddings, events, parties, houses, and corporate offices. They are experts in design. Lately, they have expanded their offer to include floral arrangements too. The same signature timeless style is applied to their bouquets. Send your friend a stunning floral piece made by the VintageBASH team and they’ll surely remember the gesture. You can have them customize this according to the person’s favorite flowers and colors. Top it off with a heartfelt letter and your present is good to go!

  1. Saul Good Gift Co.

Saul Good Gift Co. is a gift box company that is filled with locally made, gourmet goods that are handpicked for the special person to receive it. They truly have the best items in all their baskets and there is always something for any occasion and personality. Get a gourmet basket for you and your friends to bond over in a Zoom party or get your newly retired boss a Spa basket to fully emphasize their newfound freedom. Find Canada’s best at Saul Good Gift Co.

  1. Nadège Patisserie

As one of Toronto’s leading pastry shops, any Nadège Patisserie item is a sure winner. You can definitely choose from their tasty menu or, to make it more special, purchase from their gift box section. After all, retirement is a once-in-a-lifetime event and their delicious offers are worth it for the occasion. Their Chocolate Lovers Gift Box is a best-seller but they also have customized options so you can personalize. You can order this online to pick it up or you can have it shipped directly. Convenient, safe, and easy.

  1. Laid Back Snacks

Another great retirement token is a gift box filled with healthy snacks. Laid Back Snacks is a company that makes healthy and good-tasting food that you’d love to munch on any time of the day. They have gluten-free, vegan, and nut-free options, too. Gone are the days when healthy meant bland and boring. Simply choose 5 flavors that you think will spark joy for your friend and have it delivered straight to their doorstep. Easy peasy.

  1. Zazzle

Simple and fun gifts can easily be found at Zazzle. From golf balls, aprons, mugs, watches – anything you can possibly think of will be here. If you’re looking to give the newly retired family member or friend a good laugh, their items typically have amusing statements on them. Their collection is wide and you’ll most likely find something for anyone’s former profession.

  1. Stube Toronto

Does a pack or gift box of artisanally crafted truffles, chocolate bars, and pastries sound good to you? Stubbe’s family recipes have been passed down for generations. Their boutique shop specializes in high-quality and outstanding chocolates and pastries for over 25 years. Their gift boxes and gift sets are not only delicious but also works of art. These are absolutely the best for gifting and we’re sure each bite will be a gastronomic experience for anyone who tastes it.


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