5 Best Flower Shops to Buy Valentine’s Day Bouquets Near You (Toronto)

The emergence of curbside pickup near you can never replace the experience of personal visits to flower shops as it plays a big role in choosing the perfect bouquet. However, with pandemic still on the clock, flower shops have adapted and provided contactless service and put safety as a topmost priority. You can place your order via their online flower shop 24/7.

No pandemic or COVID-19 can stop lovers to celebrate Valentine’s Day this 2021. Despite the number of challenges, lovers will always find ways to express devotion and what simplest way to do that than by offering them a breathtaking bouquet of flowers. Flower shops’ refined website for virtual shopping will let take you a glimpse of what marvel to anticipate.

Wondering where to find the best flower shops that offer the service of curbside pickup? Check out these best floral shop recommendations near you and send the perfect flower bouquet in the comfort and safety of your homes.

If you require same-day delivery or if it’s a last-minute order, be sure to call prior to placing an order.

Toronto Online Flower Shop That Delivers

1. Floral Bash

Chic, dainty, and classy never goes out of style. Floralbash will surely bring out the sweetheart in you. They offer bouquets of flowers and roses in divine palettes that will unquestionably sweep off anyone who will receive them. For your special someone who is trendy, Floralbash’s dried flower arrangement can certainly melt a heart. Also offering eucalyptus bouquets, that special someone who is a green lover would fall head over heels. If you are a lover who has restrictions, leaning on the chocolates and flowers in one will never be a bad choice. After all, it’s true love that matters. Any choice from this shop that is ready for curbside pickup will no doubt convey what your heart tries to speak of. Located in West Toronto.

Floralbash most popular items: red roses, red bouquets, assorted flowers bouquet, valentine’s special bouquet

2. New Bloominghill Flowers

New Bloominghill Flowers ready for curbside pickup near you

Who doesn’t love colors? New Bloominghill Flowers will definitely meet your expectations with their exquisite and unique arrangements. They offer spectacular floral arrangements giving off cheerful energies at first sight. This flower shop gives you access to the different blend of warm-colored flowers, classic flowers, and more. Going for flowers that bring ecstatic feelings can never go wrong. Situated in the shoreline of Ontario, this shop might be one of curbside pickup near you.

3. Toronto Blooms

2 in 1 Valentine's gift ready for curbside pickup near you

When you are considering of hitting two birds with one stone, think of Toronto Blooms. This flower shop offers not just a classic bouquet of roses – because it also comes with a fancy drink! A lover can choose from wine, champagne, liquor, or spirits to add with a bouquet of stunning flowers. Perfect for couples who are planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day at night – adding more intimacy and spice. This is for a full completion of a romantic candlelight dinner. Toronto Blooms also caters to New York City and New Jersey. So if you happen to celebrate around these areas, this shop is definitely a curbside pickup near you.

4. Cumberland Flower Shop

Curbside pickup near you by Cumberland Flower Shop

If you are looking for a flower shop that offers curbside pickup near you, Cumberland Flower Shop might be the shop you’re looking for. Designing flowers since 1980, this shop truly has proven their reputable brand. Offering timeless floral arrangement, any pick from their collection will be pure perfection. Purchasing flowers from them will not only bring joy to your special someone but to the locals as well. Since this shop sources flowers from local farmers, a bouquet bought from them means a boost to the locals. They also offer made to order arrangements for a more personalized message of love. So if you’re loved one loves nostalgia, this shop will surely give the flutter.

5. Sweetpeas

Curbside pickup near you by Sweetpeas

Another reputable brand on this list is Sweetpeas. This flower shop has been known to be eco-friendly and a socially responsible brand. They promise a successful Valentine experience and with the range of flower arrangements that they have, assurance is an understatement. Thinking outside the box, this eco-friendly shop does not limit to floral arrangements. They also offer beautiful plants and customizable, seasonal flower arrangements.

  • website: www.sweetpeas.ca
  • address: 294 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R 2M4, Canada

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