10+ Virtual Event Planners in Toronto

For international brands, hosting a virtual event is a must in today’s time. There are several platforms you can use to simply hold a broadcast but for a more impressive and brand-aligned execution, we encourage you to work with a professional. We rounded up 10+ Virtual Event Planners in Toronto that you can check out and see how they can help you elevate the quality of your event and impress the attendees — even if they are a thousand miles away.

10+ Virtual Event Planners in Toronto

1. VintageBASH

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Experts in event planning and design, VintageBASH is one of the best allies you can get for virtual events. They have a wide collection of impressive furniture pieces and props which you can use for your virtual event backdrop. Wherever you intend to host this, they can help you install and takedown accordingly — removing the back-and-forth and ensuring the whole experience is fuss-free! You can simply focus on the important things and ensure that all is well for the brand.

Congratulations on your engagement! Let’s get to planning!

Free Wedding Planning Checklists 10+ Virtual Event Planners in Toronto

Truly plan with love and inspiration without wedding cold feet and woes through the help of Plan in Love. This membership-based template resource go-to is helmed by sisters who are both backed by their over 8 years of experience in events. Furthermore, these templates are easily customizable to fit whatever concept you’re going for. Even without graphic design skills, the templates come with detailed instructions on how to make them yours! Never compromise quality just to save up money. Here, your subscription entitles you to also meet fellow brides and wedding pros to help you on your journey.

2. WildBash Events

Helping brands and businesses hold events, WildBash Events aim to inspire and craft luxurious events for their clients. They are one of the best and most reliable virtual event planners and set designers that you can tap. Furthermore, they can also help bridge you to other event vendors and suppliers that can make the event far more special. The team can also help you ideate and execute the program seamlessly to achieve your objective.

3. Brand Glow Up

1 1 10+ Virtual Event Planners in Toronto

Brand Glow Up is one of the best digital marketing agencies and virtual event planners in Toronto that you can work with. They know very well how to maximize touchpoints and can help you curate a branded setup — communicating your objective and encouraging the audience to take action. Furthermore, they can also help you with promotion and content creation to promote the event.

4. Debonair Corporate Events

Debonair Corporate Events is one of the best virtual event planners you can ever work with. Their expertise in hosting events transcends and allows their new clients to enjoy a fuss-free process. At the same time, they can help with setups and program planning that are entertaining and engaging for the audience.

5. Yellow House Events

yellow house events

Getting creative, Yellow House Events encourage its clients to go outside of the box. Their creative team can help you with ideation, planning, and execution to ensure that you get an impressive event that converts. At the same time, they are also great with setups and are not afraid to go beyond the boundaries set by traditional marketers. Always fresh and innovative, they want to you to stand out from the noise.

6. Echo Events

Echo Events accommodate brands in terms of hosting offline and online events for their campaigns. They help overwhelmed business owners to ideate, plan, and execute creative events that help achieve the desired conversion. A true pleasure to work with, their 20 years of experience in the event planning industry sure contributed a lot to why they’re loved by loyal clients.

7. Pop Events

Pop Events Brand Activation Toronto

Experts in hosting events, Pop Events got you all covered! From in-person to virtual events, they managed to execute successful events for brands all over Toronto. Furthermore, their understanding of marketing and aligning best practices to help the client achieve their goals are their priority. Besides this, they also have furniture and props available for rental should you be in need of them,

8. Pink Media

One of the best virtual event planners in Toronto, Pink Media expanded its offerings and now accommodates virtual events. Their usual event planning services and coordination still apply with just the execution changes. Listening to their clients and understanding their objectives have helped them craft events that not only meet the expectations of their clients but rather exceed them.

9. The Concierge Club

Concierge Club Virtual Event Planners 10+ Virtual Event Planners in Toronto

Opening the world of virtual events for premium brands, The Concierge Club makes it a lot easier for the brand to tap into its customer base and build a deeper relationship with them. Furthermore, they help with curating a setup that’s true to the brand and implement exposure for key touchpoints that contribute to the decision-making of the audience.

10. Fusion Events

Fusion Events is a virtual event planner in Toronto. They extend services focused not only on planning but the whole production too. From small setups to large sets, they ensure to only deliver top-tier branded content that aligns with the client’s objectives


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