10 Best Flower Shops For Wedding Bouquets in Toronto (Ontario)

Most weddings will have flowers as accent points, centerpieces, or it may play a large part in the styling of the venue. Wedding bouquets play a special role in the whole set-up because it somewhat ties the overall theme to the wedding party. Generally, the bridal party carries bouquets but the same motif carries over to the groom’s company’s boutonnieres as well. Aside from the bride and the gown, her flowers play a large part to complete her whole ensemble.

Bouquets must complement the prevailing theme of the event. They now come in different textures and shapes, various arrangments from dreamy, minimalistic, to classic or wild. You can add absolutely anything you want for a more personalized touch to your own, too. We’ve chosen ten companies that offer gorgeous bouquets – fuax or fresh, rented or bought. These will certainly look beautiful in photos and real life. You can even have yours preserved as a lasting memory of your big day. Check them out below.

  1. Floral Bash

Fresh Wedding Bouquet Toronto

The ladies behind floral bash live and breathe flowers. They have a long history with wedding celebrations and are committed to providing unique and personal bouquets to brides all over the Toronto area.

Their talented florists and events planner will work with you to make a bouquet that is not only fitted to your theme, but one that is most especially reflective of your own personality. Each wedding bouquet is tailor-made for you and your girls. Contact them for a consultation and if you’re looking for a florist for the whole event, they can do this for you as well.

  1. Botany Flowers

Botany Flowers

Bespoke floral design is undoubtedlythe b the heart of Botany Flowers. Looking through their gallery, you will have a feel of their creative process. They specialize in local and green options and hand-pick local and seasonal flowers for a fascinating bouquet.

Using uncommon and old-fashioned flower varieties, they are able to make on trend and classic arrangements that you’ll surely love to keep. Heavily inspired by nature, they use different kinds of flowers, branches, leaves, ferns, and other plants to create a wedding bouquet that is special and made just for you.

  1. Coriander Girl

Coriander Girl

Photo by: Laura Rowe

For one of a kind bouquets and blooms, Coriander Girl is definitely one to look at. No two bouquets are exactly alike. Each design is meticulously made with the bride’s personality, requests, and the theme in mind. Expertly using a combination of dried and fresh blooms, mixing different textures, and artistically mix and matching colors, you get a bouquet with so much character and life. Whimsical, dreamy – a true masterpiece.

The company uses locally grown flowers, strengthening the local community in the process. Once you’ve fallen in love with their work, you may also want to consider their complete wedding floral design services. They can work with any theme and place their extraordinary Coriander Girl touch to achieve an original arrangement especially for you. We recommend having yours preserved, these are too pretty to wilt.

  1. Plush Flowers

Plush Flowers

Luxuruious and exquisite, that’s what Plush Flowers is famous for. Clients are confident to get only the best arrangements that reflect their personal style. They will work closely with their brides to be from planning, designing, and creating the wedding bouquet.

Come to them with ideas or none at all, Plush Flowers’ team can help you come up with a design that will match with your wedding perfectly. Their eye for detail and perfection will be extremely helpful in achieving the full wedding look you want for your special day.

  1. Magnolia Forever Florals

Magnolia Forever Florals

Gail Ramlochan, the woman behind Magnolia Forever Florals, uses only premium silk and Real Touch as materials for their faux flowers. They are incredibly realistic and striking arrangements, perfect for your wedding day.

With a team intent on helping each client realize their unique vision, they do one on one consultation sessions. Gail makes sure to incorporate her client’s special requests while adding her personal flair for an amazing bouquet you’ll love to flaunt on your wedding day. Each one is custom-made, you can choose any type of blossom, trees, or greenery and they’ll make your vision come to life.

  1. Kingwest flowers

Kingwest Flowers

At Kingwest Flowers, you are the star. Because weddings are an extremely important occasion, they offer a no-charge consultation so their wedding specialists can help you get your flowers in order.

Offering custom bridal bouquets and arrangements, let them know exactly what you want and they’ll deliver more than you expected. Their florists make sure that elegance and the couple’s personal style shines through in their work. Beautiful fresh flowers that are perfectly curated for your wedding, that’s their guarantee.

  1. VintageBASH


The chic and classic bride will be delighted to see VintageBASH’s designs. Using their flair for the timeless aesthetic, anyone can easily fall in love with their arrangements. From simple to more intricate motifs, their florists can make it happen for you.

Make sure to book an appointment with them to discuss your imagined bouquet arrangement. You can also widen your options and look into their styling so your bouquet and theme complement each other perfectly. Regardless if you choose to avail only your wedding bouquets, they will create a fabulous arrangement that will be a center of attention along with the bride and dress.

  1. Something Borrowed Blooms

Something Borrowed Blooms

For practical brides, Something Borrowed Blooms is your answered prayer! Have the wedding bouquet of your dreams at the fraction of the cost. Using premium silk flowers, they are able to create ultra-realistic arrangements without the hefty price tag. Each detail from the petals to the stems and leaves are individually checked to assure quality for an exquisite bouquet for you and your bride squad.

They have customer service down to a tee. You can sample their blooms through their preview pack or from their retail partners. They have stunning collections and you have the option to mix and match to be suited to your wedding party. You won’t even think that these gorgeous blooms are made from silk, they look fantastic in photos and in real life. From their company name, these beauties are rentals but they also offer the option for brides to purchase their bouquets. They truly are stunning and we don’t blame you for wanting to keep them.

  1. Toronto Flower Gallery

Toronto Flower Gallery

Toronto Flower Gallery provides uncomplicated choices for the busy and stressed brides to be. They carry a wide variety of blooms for wedding bouquets and have florists with over 20 years of experience in arrangements. Chime in your thoughts about how you envision your flowers to look like. They have an excellent customer service team that provides professional consultation services to achieve the look you’re going for.

Supporting them means you are also supporting local farms. Toronto Flower Gallery offers affordable and quality flowers. With their attention to customer satisfaction, you will surely have a lovely bouquet on your big day.


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