10 Top Wedding Caterers in North York

Wedding planning prioritizes catering as one of the first things to settle for your special day. After all, guests remember wonderful weddings mostly for amazing food. In other words, food catering can make or break the success of the reception.

If you’re planning to hold your wedding celebration in North York, you’re definitely in luck. There’s no shortage of excellent wedding caterers in the area. Ranging from traditional style caterers to more inclusive offerings, there is a right caterer for your needs.

To help you make that important decision, here are 10 Top Wedding Caterers in North York:

  1. KACE Catering

    KACE Catering

Though not as experienced as most of the caterers on this list, KACE Catering more than makes up for it with its strong sense of energy and passion to deliver a memorable and personalized catering experience. Indeed, a wedding with a personal identity is the name of the game in which KACE Catering excels at.

Comprised of a bright and young team of event planners, impassioned chefs, and dependable service staff, KACE Catering has everything it needs to provide you a personalized, professional, and smooth wedding celebration. Their full-service package allows you to leave all the meticulous planning for the venue, styling, and food to them while all you focus on is getting hitched.

  1. Urban Acorn Catering

    Urban Acorn

Starting off this list is a rather diverse entry and deviates slightly from traditional wedding catering conventions. Run by Executive Chef Daniel Holloway and his wife Marie Fitrion, Urban Acorn Catering has made the Canadian-French cuisine their signature offering.

With over 15 years of culinary experience, Chef Daniel Holloway combines a slew of culinary techniques and delights in extracting bold flavors from the humblest of ingredients. Sure enough, inclusivity is their specialty as they’re able to provide delectable cuisines in gluten-free or nut-free recipes. Certainly, Urban Acorn Catering is worth your time and consideration.

  1. Decadent Catering and Fine Food

    Decadent Catering

Surely a catering service that’s been operational for the past 25 years can be expected to deliver a fine culinary occurrence for your wedding day. If that service goes by the name Decadent Catering, then that is certainly the case.

Decadent Catering is another stalwart in the event industry within which it has made a name for itself with its sophistication, glamour, and amazing food offerings. In particular, their canapé service and delectable hors d’oeuvres are an early highlight topped off with an extensive array of delicious main courses. Your guest will surely indulge in the majesty of Decadent Catering’s fine food.

  1. Chef on the Go

    Chef on the Go

Those in search of a boutique culinary experience should give Chef on the Go a try. Executive Chef Roni Prizant exercises his passion for hands-on kitchen work to produce top-tier food delights for their catering events. Indeed, there is arguable no one more personal in their approach to catering than Chef on the Go.

What’s more, Chef on the Go is environmentally friendly. If you value having all organic and fresh ingredients, take comfort in knowing that Chef on the Go using only locally-available farm produce to support all the catering needs.

  1. Encore Catering

    Encore Catering

Arguably the longest-standing caterers in the North York area, Encore Catering has shown no signs of bowing out. Building upon years of culinary experience, Encore is a steadfast member of the wedding industry-recognized for their amazing service, professional delivery, and wonderful food offerings.

This is a full-service catering package, making this an ideal choice for a hassle-free experience for the would-be married couple. Unquestionably, you can be confident in what Encore Catering has to offer on account of their 40-year experience in the industry. That bar has been set high, and Encore Catering is sitting comfortably atop.

  1. The Food Dudes

    The Food Dudes

If catering with a modern flair is more your style, check out the Food Dudes. With their innovative and out-of-the-box approach to catering, your wedding celebration will have that unconventional twist that’ll have your guests talking about it for months to come.

The Food Dudes possess a culinary caliber that’s worthy of the best the industry has to offer. Led by Executive Chef Adrian Niman who started the company in 2007, the Food Dudes continues to push the wedding catering frontier with their refreshing, energetic, and dynamic take on modern wedding catering.

  1. Seventh Heaven Catering

    Seventh Heaven Catering

It’s often as simple as counting the accolades to tell whether a service is good or not. Seventh Heaven Event Catering is certainly no pushover in this aspect, having garnered numerous “Best Catering Service” awards over the past few years.

Certainly, their success comes as no surprise given their passion and dedication towards culinary cuisines. Delectable courses, professional service, and seamless event planning make Seventh Heaven a breeze to work with. Choose this caterer and believe us, you’re wedding day will be a breath of fresh air.

  1. Marigolds and Onions

    Marigolds and Onions

North York is home to many endearing caterers that have made a name through a loving approach to cooking centered around the goal of bringing people together through food. Marigolds and Onion employ a sophisticated approach to catering results in an elegant and nuanced culinary experience.

A 20-year business, Marigold and Onions’ passion for cooking and good food is greatest thrust. They have the means to make you fall in love with the gourmet experience that’s sure to enliven any wedding reception. Their extensive cuisine expertise is sure to satisfy any food-lovers palate and Marigold and Onions is poised to make your wedding a special one.

  1. Mitzuyan Kosher Catering

    Mitzuyan Kosher Catering

Culturally inclusive is a concept many are familiar with in this day and age. That’s certainly what Mitzuyan Kosher Catering has going for it. The only surely Kosher caterers on this list, Mitzuyan Catering is the service of choice for those looking to adhere to traditional Jewish diet prescriptions or simply those just looking for good Jewish-style foods.

Mitzuyan Kosher Catering has been in business for over 15 years. Across those years, they’ve catered for private events, weddings, bar mitzvahs, and a variety of other events. Experience is the key here and Mitzuyan Kosher has that in spades. Indeed, Kosher has never been this good.

  1. L-Eat Catering

    L-Eat Catering

An industry staple since 1983, L-Eat Catering has built a stable foundation throughout the years. That is to say, they are one of the most consistent and reliable caterers on this side of Canada. L-Eat Catering offers excellent cooking, an extensive menu, and professional service.

Certainly, L-Eats Catering Service’s focus is on making your special day a memorable one. With their penchant for quality cooking and amazing value, treat your guests to a food experience they won’t soon forget.

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