10 Best Wedding Catering Companies in Toronto (Ontario)

Wedding planning can be a stressful affair. In particular, deciding on the right caterer for you is probably one of the most important aspects many an aspiring couple stresses about. Fortunately, Toronto is home to a number of exceptional wedding caterers covering a variety of attractive cuisines.

To spice up your wedding with delicious food that brings people together, here are 10 Top Wedding Caterers in Toronto serving areas within Ontario.

  1. KACE Catering

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Dynamic and passionate, KACE Catering is a welcome change of pace in the wedding catering scene. A relative newcomer, KACE Catering has spent little time making itself known as a refreshing, innovative, and exciting new caterers that will definitely wow your wedding guests.

Offering a full-service catering package, KACE Catering collaborates closely with you to create a wedding celebration that exudes personality. From the venue, to the menus, until the bar service to top of your special day, KACE Catering is here to make it known they can hang with the very best.

  1. Marigolds and Onions

Marigolds & Onions

Kicking off this list is a rather classy veteran in the catering scene. Building upon 20 years of experience, Marigold and Onions is a one-stop catering shop well-recognized among Toronto wedding suppliers.

As a full-service offering, Marigolds and Onions can take your vision and personalize your event to be exactly what you want it to be. From stunning venue locations to delightful cuisines for your guests, Marigold and Onions excels at giving you a winning celebration on your special day.

  1. 10tation Event Catering

10tation Event Caterings

If going big is more your style, give 10tation Event Catering a consideration. Certainly, they are well-recognized in the wedding catering seen with more than 20 years of business experience. That said, you’re guaranteed a smooth and polished experience you’ll be hard-pressed to find in other suppliers.

10tation Event Catering fields a large roster of reliable, experience, and perfectly capable staff to carry out your wedding agendas. With over 50 qualified chefs in their roster, your guests will surely be treated to an amazing and delectable culinary experience. To this end, enjoy your wedding and just wait for the compliments fly your way with how amazing the food was.

  1. Kiss the Cook

Kiss the Cook


You might just end up kissing the cook instead of the bride when the food is this good. Led by owner Fia Pagnello, Kiss the Cook has come to widespread acclaim for their top-notch culinary calibre. Indeed, people appreciate good food and Kiss the Cook is a shining example of that.

Being patronized by a slew of high-profile clients for various events, Kiss the Cook brings the same level of culinary excellence to their wedding catering. In fact, they also offer a full-service package meant to create a top-tier wedding event that’ll be the envy of all your guests.

  1. Victor Dries

Victor Dries

There’s something about a personal and hands-on approach to catering that makes the end-product all the more amazing. This is the promise of Victor Dries, a Toronto-based catering service. To be sure, this caterer shows immense passion for amazing food and creating a culinary experience that brings people together.

If its good food you’re after, that’s always a guarantee with Victor Dries. Led by the gifted chef duo of Chris Brown and Grant van Gameran, Victor Dries catering promises fantastic food and culinary delights all with a nice presentation for all your guests to wow at. Indeed, Victor Dries consistently surpasses expectations and will certainly add to the flair of your wedding day.

  1. Daniel et Daniel

Daniel et Daniel

As far as setting the catering bar goes, Daniel et Daniel has consistently been on the top of that totem pole. Operating directly from the heart of Toronto, Daniel et Daniel is arguably the most premier service on this list. With its inclination for elegance, sophistication, and high-class approach to catering, its important to realize that Daniel et Daniel is top tier.

Daniel et Daniel is built on a 30-year legacy of providing successful catering events. From fantastic food to professional staff service, you will never go wrong with a Daniel et Daniel wedding. Truly, make your special day memorable with these pristine catering providers and your guests will thank you for it.

  1. The Drake

The Drake

The Drake Hotel has been recognized as one of the premiere hotels in the greater Toronto area. However, it’s the Drake Catering service that may pique the interests of would-be couples looking for a modern and sophisticated catering for their wedding day.

Apart from their hotel accolades, the Drake also excels as a catering service. That is to say, they provide a dynamic, innovative, and refined approach to catering. With such amazing food, your guests and their palates will certainly leave impressed. Overall, it’s surprising how well they accomplish this and some even argue that the Drake has gotten it down to an art.

  1. Toben Food by Design

Toben Food by Design

Those looking to broaden their horizons with their choice of wedding caterers should check out Toben Food by Design. Of course, these caterers pride themselves as having global sensibilities with their astounding number of cuisine offerings from all over the globe.

Award-winning chef Toben built his catering service in 2005 and over the years has infused it with his culinary panache from his rich experiences in Paris. Today, Toben Food by Design has certainly earned its place a premium-quality catering service short of gastronomic perfection.

  1. Tita Flips

09 Tita Flips 10 Best Wedding Catering Companies in Toronto (Ontario)

Probably the most unconventional option on this list, do not count Tita Flips out. An endearing caterer in the Toronto Area, Tita Flips banks on its Filipino heritage to create delicious and high-value food offerings. Certainly, any Filipino-centric cuisine will spice up any wedding celebration.

Overall, great food has always been at the heart of Filipino culture. To rephrase it, Tita Flips expertly channels that tradition into her full-service catering service. Authentic, delicious, and distinctive, Tita Flips deserves a spot in your shortlist of potential wedding caterers.

  1. The Food Dudes   The Food Dudes

Rounding off our list specializes in modern sophistication when it comes to wedding catering services. What started out as a small home-based operation within the heart of Toronto has flourished into a wildly successful and hip full-service catering.

Under the leadership of Chef Adrian Niman, the Food Dudes prides itself in providing fantastic food with elegant presentation. Executing with such innovative flair, The Food Dudes guarantee a great sense of amazement and wonder for all partaking guests.

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