Amanda & Patrick’s Wedding: Ceremony at the Old Mill Chapel & Reception at The Manor 

AmandaPatrick Wedding 0414 Amanda & Patrick’s Wedding: Ceremony at the Old Mill Chapel & Reception at The Manor 
Photo by Julian & Kelly

So, let’s talk about Amanda and Patrick’s big day – where do we even start? From the second we laid eyes on these two bundles of pure sunshine, we just knew their wedding was going to be straight-up magical.

With its historic charm and hidden photo gems, the Old Mill served as the enchanting backdrop for a day that felt more like a lively party than a traditional wedding. And the reception at The Manor was a vision of luxury and elegance.

Old Mill Chapel & The Manor Wedding Venue Photos 

Major props to Julian & Kelly for straight-up killing it with their wedding pics! Seriously, they nailed every vibe, from mega smiles to those heartwarming tears.

These photos are legit goals, transporting us to a place filled with historic charm and timeless elegance.

Ceremony at the Old Mill Chapel 

As guests stepped inside, they were met with sheer grandeur. Towering black urns overflowed with vibrant, fresh blooms, framing the altar in a breathtaking display. Each pew-end was adorned with delicate flowers, paving the way for a fairytale-like aisle.

Amanda’s bridesmaids brought an enchanting vibe with their organic bouquets, featuring subtle hints of black anemones that added a touch of magic against the chapel’s classic backdrop.

With grace, Amanda made her way down the aisle, her bouquet stealing the spotlight—a stunning arrangement of fresh blooms with the captivating allure of anemones.

The timeless allure of the classic black motif echoed the eternal love shared between the couple, casting a spellbinding contrast that added to the charm of the moment.

Reception at The Manor 

As we moved to The Manor, the reception transformed into a magical wonderland filled with fresh blooms and timeless black accents.

The sweetheart table, set against the backdrop of Aleksandra Lush Garden Floral & Drape, commanded attention as the centerpiece of the room. Fresh floral garlands adorned the bridal party table, enveloping the newlyweds in a fragrant embrace.

Guest tables were adorned with medium-sized fresh floral centerpieces, adding an intimate yet lavish touch to the atmosphere. Each table, dressed in the classic black motif, brought a hint of flair and elegance to the festivities.

The grandeur extended to the dessert table, where the Bach Classic Black Cake Stand proudly displayed a masterpiece of confectionery. The wedding cake, a sweet symbol of Amanda and Patrick’s journey, stood tall amidst the enchanting ambiance, inviting guests to indulge in its deliciousness.

A Day to Remember 

Amanda and Patrick’s celebration was a beautiful fusion of love, laughter, and timeless elegance. The classic black theme, paired with vibrant floral accents, set a tone that truly captured the essence of their love story.

And let’s talk about those smiles—they were positively radiant! Their affectionate glances spoke volumes, reflecting a love evident in every moment captured.

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