Weddings are stressful on their own. What more if you still have to take care of not only the big things but also the nitty-gritty details such as decor? That can be a bit overwhelming especially for first-time planners. With this in mind, we prepared this list including ten of the best wedding decor checklist on the internet.

This can help you keep your focus and make sure that the wedding you’re planning is not only running smoothly but also a huge success as well. After all, a successful wedding is only true if the couple is both happy. Without further ado, here’s a rundown of the checklists you can check out!

Best Wedding Decor Checklist


Brides Decor Checklist

Made for brides by seasoned wedding planners and coordinators, Brides is an ever-reliable resource for everything wedding. Their guides and wedding decor checklist are all on-point. They covered each topic with practical tips for brides. Besides this, their website also has a network of vendors already and elaborate guides. Perfect whether it be just for the wedding proper, a cocktail after-party, or a full-blown reception.

2.Wedding Wire

Definitely helpful for all brides out there, Wedding Wire has been a go-to for everything wedding checklist. Further, they even have a comprehensive wedding decor checklist you can use and make sure the big day runs smoothly without missing dinnerware or centrepieces! Check out their list and host the most cohesive wedding possible for the couple.

3.Budget Savvy Bride

The Budget Savvy Bride

Not only pretty in pastels, but Budget Savvy Bride also presents a reliable wedding decor checklist. They understand how overwhelming planning a wedding can be and that it’s normal to forget or overlook few things. With their intention to make it a lot easier for you and keep track of what you need to prepare, they have a good handy checklist. Also, aligned with their name assures you that they steer you away from excessive spending and just focus on what you need.

4.Junebug Weddings

Junebug Weddings is a good wedding resource, especially when starting with a blank slate. With so many options to choose from in terms of decor, etc, their checklist helps you to see clearly and focus on the important things. More importantly, their guide is free for everyone. They also have quite an elaborate list from ceremony to reception. Besides this, they have numerous other guides and checklists you can check out.

5.Want That Wedding

Want That Wedding

Covering everything you need from ceremony to reception, Want That Wedding encourages you to seize your pinned ideas and make them to reality. To want it a wedding, you should go ahead and get your head up in the game. They have a comprehensive list best for first-time planners. From the experience of a true-blue wedding planner, their wedding decor checklist indeed leaves no stone unturned.

6.David’s Bridal

David’s Bridal is another of the best wedding decor checklist you can find on the internet. Not only that their list is helpful, but their photo ideas are also great to inspire you and make sophisticated choices for your own wedding. Besides this, they also have comprehensive guides for weddings of all kinds – from the ceremony down to the reception and honeymoon.

7.Kaitlin Cooper

Kaitlin Cooper

Talk about specifics, Kaitlin Cooper amazes us with how detail-oriented their team is. This is further emphasized on their 68 item checklist for wedding decor. Paying attention to the big stuff such as furniture and fixtures, their list also covers the tiny details such as ribbons and more. Their wedding decor checklist is truly helpful for DIY brides or first-time wedding planners.


Fitting for weddings of any size, BHLDN has one of the best wedding decor checklists. Theirs is inclusive and goes straight back to basics. Whether you are planning for a micro or extravagant wedding, their checklist will be a good foundation for a gorgeous and successful event. Dividing the needed decor into segments, making it easier for you to sort each out. They also have a printable version of the list, perfect for taking notes while shopping.

9.Love and Lavender

Love and Lavender

Everything sweet and lovely, Love and Lavender bring it to you. It’s also not surprising how they curated one great wedding decor checklist you can work with. Made for all the lovely brides, their checklist covers everything a bride needs on the big day including as well the ceremony and reception decor. Go one step at a time and have a smooth event flow with their list.

10.Pink Book

Done with lavender, we now have Pink Book. Banking from their intention to be short and concise, their wedding decor checklist is simple and straight-to-the-point. It starts with the most important things that can make or break your big day. Besides this, they have a printable list you can check out and reference images for wedding inspiration.

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