Wedding Decor & Florist Serving Ajax, Ontario

At VintageBASH, we’re your go-to destination for all your wedding décor and floral needs in Ajax, Ontario. Our passion for design and creativity fuels our commitment to crafting the most exquisite weddings for every couple.

Our dedicated design team is committed to creating a memorable event that surpasses your expectations. Rest assured, we’ll put in our utmost effort to bring to life the wedding of your dreams.

Affordable Wedding Décor and Floral Packages 

We provide budget-friendly florals and decorations, ensuring your special day reflects uniqueness. Explore our range of wedding decor and floral packages designed for convenience and complete customization.

We aim to make booking a breeze while ensuring that your wedding becomes an authentic reflection of the beautiful love story.

Tailor Your Celebration with Diverse Offerings:

  • Personal Wedding Flowers
  • Ceremony Décor & Flowers
  • Reception Décor & Flowers
  • Micro Wedding Décor & Flowers
  • Medium-Large Décor & Flowers

Specializes in Wedding Décor and Floral

We tailor bespoke wedding florals for couples in Ajax and the surrounding areas. From adorning wedding centerpieces and arches to embellishing signage and backdrops, our designs are a testament to your individual style.

  • Wedding Florals that Speak to You – Adding fresh flowers to your wedding celebration undoubtedly elevates the overall elegance. Yet, the key is selecting wedding centerpieces and bouquets that resonate with your personal taste. Explore our gallery of wedding flower arrangements to gather inspiration, and then engage in a discussion with our expert florists.
  • Ceremony Décor Infused with Personality – Count on VintageBASH to infuse personality into your special day. From wedding arches and aisle runners to aisle markers and ceremony signage, we’ll help you set the perfect tone for your celebration. We’ll transform your ceremony space into a reflection of your unique style and love story.
  • Seamless Reception Décor Selection – Our seasoned decorators will expertly guide you through the selection process, ensuring every decor item, color scheme, floral arrangement, and design feature aligns perfectly to make your wedding day a dream come true.

Book Your Wedding Décor and Floral Package Today 

Our dedicated team will be on-site, working tirelessly to execute every detail flawlessly. Your dream wedding décor and floral await – book a package today.