10 Best Wedding Florists in Toronto (Ontario)

Flowers and weddings are inseparable old friends. Blooms make everything look and feel better. Any venue can be transformed by talented styling using flowers. Whatever theme – minimalistic, garden, rustic, or modern, you cannot go wrong with hiring experienced florists for your big day.

We present to you the 10 best wedding florists in Toronto. Many of these are serving GTA areas so they can easily accommodate any venue you have in mind. Read on to find out more.

  1. FloralBash


Designing blooms and creating happiness through flowers is the goal of FloralBASH. They are located in North York near downtown Toronto and serve the GTA areas as well. Their team of professionals skillfully transforms any venue to look exactly how you envisioned your wedding to be.

Their team specializes in stylish, stunning arrangements perfect for your ceremony and reception. Talk to them about your expectations and budget, they are flexible and willing to work with you to achieve the look you want for your day.

  1. Wild North Flowers

Wild North Flowers

Wild North Flowers are all about the small details that make their signature arrangements unique. Their creativity is showcased in the way they mix and match different textures, colors, fresh, and dried blooms. Tell them what your theme is and they’ll make it so everything complements each other beautifully.

You’ll be pleased to know that Wild North Flowers sources their goods from Ontario farms. You only get the freshest and custom-designed blooms for your wedding day. They are known for using a mix of local and imported dried elements as their finishing touch for their arrangements.

  1. Coriander Girl

Coriander Girl

Coriander girl’s garden-style arrangements look straight out of a fairytale. Each bouquet and arrangement is unique, no two events are alike. Using color, greens, dry and fresh flowers, and their unique twist, you’ll get a romantic and enchanting floral design for your wedding.

Their style is timeless, natural, and customized. These are not arrangements you’ll typically see around. Unexpected and lovely, that’s the Coriander Girl experience.

  1. Quince Flowers

Quince Flowers

Rosie Jeffares has a true love for flowers which is showcased in her shop, Quince Flowers. Each arrangement is made with love by a staff that cares for their clients and their needs. You’ll find exquisite flower arrangements that are unlike any other.

They get to know your taste and style and apply it to their designs to perfectly suit your event.

  1. Summerhill Floral Boutique

Summerhill Floral Boutique uses a variety of premium flowers for their arrangements. Their style is garden inspired and they aspire to let their clients and guests feel as if they’re walking into a lush flower-filled forest.

Their team of professional and talented florists use fresh local blooms and specialty flowers to create their works of art waiting to be showcased on your wedding.

  1. VintageBASH


Known for styling chic and classy events, VintageBASH has always incorporated florals into their décor. From the bouquet, arch, and centerpiece, you’ll have elegant arrangements to fill your whole venue. Their classic style is reflected in their choice of design and flower selection.

They use fresh flowers and grees, dried pampas, and their artistry to give you the design you want for your day. Set an appointment with their team and get started on building your ideas for the design you want.

  1. Wilbe Bloomin

Wilbe Bloomin

Wilbe Bloomin always has a diverse range of fresh and dried flowers in their shop. They always use beautiful locally sourced flowers for their arrangements.  Handpicked and personalized designs – this is their guarantee.

Let them know what you want for your wedding day and they’ll creatively incorporate these elements into their design.

  1. Rachel A. Clingen

Rachel Clingen

Making beautiful things using florals, that’s the Rachel A. Clingen promise. They create jaw-dropping transformations that look absolutely amazing. These will take your breath away for sure.

An occasion as special as your wedding deserves work as stunning as this. Their work is worth every single penny.

  1. Sweetpea’s


Sweetpea’s has been around for so many years because they continue to evolve with the times. Their services are excellent and they always create new arrangements to suit any event. Utilizing eco-friendly and socially responsible practices, their team continues to thrive and provide the best arrangements for their clients.

There’s a reason why they have a loyal client base that patronizes their services for all their life milestones. Simply give them a visit and you’ll know why.

  1. Botany Flower Studio

Botany Flowers

For uncommon arrangements that turn heads, you won’t go wrong with Botany Flower Studio. Using personally handpicked flowers, their designs features a selection of tropical, garden flowers, succulents, pods, flowering branches, foliages, ferns, bulbs, twigs, and berries. Coupled with different textures and elements, they create one-of-a-kind décor for your wedding day.

Their style is modern inspired by whimsical gardens and nature. Botany Flower Studio provides a healthy alternative to traditional floristry through heir sustainable practices.


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