5 Top Wedding Officiants in Toronto during COVID 19

2020 is tough. With all the ever-changing restrictions, it’s hard to push through with wedding plans. It’s difficult because there’s no sure timeframe when the situation will go back to normal. This is why we understand how some couples choose to downgrade their original plans and get married in smaller ceremonies. Others have decided to do elopements and there are those that have chosen to postpone ’til further notice.

If you have decided to power through, congratulations! Now here’s a small treat for you. Don’t worry, the pandemic is stressful enough. Here are five wonderful officiants that can facilitate your wedding even during these times. Buckle up, you’ll be in good hands as long as they’re with you on this crazy pandemic ride.

  1. She Is the Marrying Lady

The Marrying Lady Tade Credgeur is a famous wedding officiant who has a big heart for her couples. She has always made each ceremony unique to the people she is marrying. For the current COVID 19 situation, her legal paperwork only signing and elopement packages are good choices. It may be simple but with her as your officiant, you can be sure that everything is still going to be genuine.

Don’t let the situation dampen your spirits. Tade is called the Marrying Lady for a reason. She makes the celebration of love special regardless of how big or small the wedding is.

  1. Bellamy Loft

Bellamy Loft

The Bellamy Loft team has created special packages, especially during these tough pandemic times. They have two, the Officially Married and the Beautifully Married offers. They have partnered with Toronto’s best wedding officiants to make sure you can have a meaningful ceremony despite the circumstances.

Whichever package you choose can be customized with add-ons to make sure that you get the most out of your wedding day. Love continues no matter what.

  1. Wedding Officiant Canada

Wedding Officiant Canada

Professional through and through, the Wedding Officiant Canada team has once again set the bar for vendors even during COVID. They understand the uncertainties that come with this pandemic and they have made adjustments to make sure couples are accommodated. They have wedding packages specifically for this situation. Depending on the city’s current restrictions, you can avail any of these services.

Wedding Officiant Canada has always been known for their heartfelt ceremonies. They are even flexible in terms of rescheduling and postponements. Rest assured, you will get a sincere officiant who can make your wedding unforgettable despite the circumstances. As they say, love always wins.

  1. Toronto Wedding Chapel

Toronto Wedding Chapel

Thankfully establishments like Toronto Wedding Chapel still accommodate small gatherings even during COVID 19. With strict health guidelines and an assurance of a safe environment, you can still get married here. Their intimate wedding packages include professional officiants that will be able to handle your ceremony with meticulous attention to what matters to both of you.

Don’t let the situation keep you from saying “I do.” Toronto Wedding Chapel will still be offering their signature excellent services. You’ll be able to enjoy and have a purposeful wedding no matter what.

  1. N95 Nuptials

N95 Nuptials

Created precisely for socially-distanced weddings, N95 Nuptials is your answered prayer. They have licensed wedding officiants that can plan out an intimate ceremony for you. All health protocols followed while maintaining the solemnity of your union. They understand the concerns regarding the pandemic. They are amenable to rescheduling.

Tell them what type of wedding you want and N95 can help you make it happen – as long as it follows the current rulings. They make socially-distanced weddings genuinely close to the heart.

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