If there is a line every bride can relate to while planning a wedding, it is ‘so little time, so many things to accomplish.’ Though it is ideal for planning your wedding a year before, some want it done after six months. Honestly, we admire these people. Juggling everything you need to accomplish and the pressure to do well eventually might take its toll on you.

We are here to help. Below, you will find the ten best wedding planning in 6 months resources you can on the internet. You can go with one of them that you think suits you best or compile each one’s strong points to have the best guide ever. All best practices in one!

Best Wedding Planning in 6 Months (Toronto, Ontario)

2. Brides

Determined to help you wing it, Brides has an in-depth guide on wedding planning in 6 months. They challenge the traditional and encourages brides to have a more strategic approach through this. Broken down into months and what you need to do, it’s effortless to follow and explained thoroughly. In between, they even have tips to help you along the way.

3.Bellamy Loft

Bellamy Loft wedding planning in 6 months

Known as a superb event place, Bellamy Loft also offers full-service event planning for couples. They are sensitive to the couple’s desire and take time to get to know them better. If you are looking for a team to help you on your wedding day, they are the best! Additionally, the venue on its own is flexible to any theme you have in mind. They have contact with florists, photographers, etc. They are making wedding planning in 6 months such a breeze and smooth sailing.

If you aren’t sure yet, we encourage you to check out their website. They have a superb portfolio and comprehensive packages you can refer to. Choose what suits you best. After all, weddings only happen once in our lifetimes, and we choose to have them by your side.

4.Toronto Brides

Set in Toronto already, Toronto Brides have a comprehensive checklist for wedding planning in six months. You can start with working with a budget and looking for vendors to go with. The list is helpful enough and straight to the point. Included also are reminders to take care of yourself while planning the wedding and prevent stressing out.

5.The Budgetarian Bride

wedding planning in 6 months

For brides stressing out about their budget, The Bugetarian Bride is an excellent resource for you. Despite not being set in Toronto, you can still work with their checklist while planning your wedding. The checklist is broke down into each month, encouraging them to accomplish the essential tasks and book major vendors first. While the wedding is drawing near, it also gives you more time to relax and treat yourself well.

6.Wed About

Wed About starts of the two most important things you need to assure for your wedding: Venues and Caterers. Comes next are the other vendors (for flowers, photographer, DJ, band, etc. Their resource is helpful, especially for couples planning to have an Indian fusion or traditional wedding. Covering even the conventional bits of the wedding, you are assured that you go through everything even with a short period.


hitched wedding planning in 6 months

Hitched‘s first reminder: Do not panic. They get that wedding planning in 6 months is definitely scary yet also challenging. With this in mind, they prepared a helpful checklist and tips to refer to along the way. They also remind you not to compromise despite the rush. Enumerated are easy to accomplish tasks with bits of elaboration and tips that are helpful. Highlighting the essential steps, they ensure that you don’t miss out on anything important.

8.Easy Weddings

Simplifying wedding planning in 6 months for you, Easy Weddings prepared a comprehensive guide for you. They have a per-month guide you can go over with your partner. Fast-paced wedding planning can be accomplished easily if done strategically. Starting with booking your venue and suppliers in the first month, you get so much time left for the minor details. Also, more time for you to relax since it’s your wedding after all.


If you’re looking for an excellent resource for wedding planning in 6 months, Perfete got you. Straightforward and fashionably done, they encourage you to accomplish each task and wish you to have the wedding of your dreams. As they also believe, there is beauty in figuring out the journey—a more memorable moment for you and your partner.

10.A Short Engagement

True to their name, A Short Engagement caters to couples like you. They prepared a comprehensive list of what you need to know while planning a wedding in 6 months. One of their helpful tips is to prepare a mood board for your wedding. With this, you and your partner can easily make decisions moving forward. Besides this, they have a charming checklist to follow. Check out their website to learn more.

1.Vintage Bash

VintageBash wedding planning in 6 months

If you’re into charming and gorgeous events, Vintage Bash is perfect for you. They are a full-service wedding and event design company. Further, they have fantastic decor and furniture pieces that will surely impress your guests. Whether you want huge backdrops, chic floral runners, or even gorgeous couches, they got you! You can check out their website and feast on their impressive portfolio.

Though not a full-service wedding planner, Vintage Bash takes care of your wedding’s aesthetics. No need to stress out from negotiating and aligning with different vendors. Stress-free and gorgeous, what else are you looking for? We bet they have it!

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