10 Best Wedding Planning Courses & Training Programs in Toronto (Canada)

Whether you ought to study wedding planning by the book to plan your own wedding or venturing to plan weddings as a business, you’re in luck! We rounded up ten of the best wedding planning courses and training programs in Toronto that you can enroll in. Moreover, this list includes both established institutions to even crash courses from reputable wedding planners themselves. Whatever you choose will all be up to you and your goal.

Wedding Planning Courses & Training Programs in Toronto (Canada)

1. VintageBASH x Plan Me Digital

VintageBASH, in collaboration with its sister company Plan Me Digital, offers a comprehensive Wedding Planning Course. This course is designed to turn your passion into a fulfilling career by covering essential wedding planning skills. With the expertise of industry professionals, students gain valuable insights and practical experience. The partnership with Plan Me Digital enhances the course’s digital aspects, ensuring students are well-prepared for the modern wedding planning landscape.

2. Wedding Planners Institute of Canada Inc


This training curriculum was started in 2003 with the hope to share knowledge and inspire many aspiring wedding planners to start their own businesses. Wedding Planners Institute of Canada, Inc. nowadays is one of the go-to for wedding planner certification in  Ontario. Not only catering to Toronto, they actually have more than 8,500 alumni all over the world. Further, it was also learned that 1 out of their 5 students gets to own a successful wedding planning business alone.

2. ICS Canada

ICS Canada offers wedding planning courses in Canada. They have quite a reputable selection of courses that even covers floral design to events planning. Upon enrollment to their program, you will be an ABC Certified Wedding Planner and member of the renowned Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) for six months.

3. Humber

Learn how to plan your own event with Humber. As an established institution offering a three semester-long wedding planning course in Ontario, they ensured to adapt to the digital times and have it available online. Moreover, they also offer certification after completing all requisites in the course.

4. The Modern Wedding Planners Collective

modern wedding planners collective

The Modern Wedding Planners Collective is one of the excellent places to enroll in wedding planners certification within Ontario. With their intent to teach people to plan weddings mindfully, you are assured that you’re in good hands. The amazing team behind this course shares the industry best practices and also, practical tips for all aspiring wedding planners out there.

5. Keystone Online Studios

With distance and time no longer a concern in this digital age, Keystone Online Studios bridges the gap and offers online courses for wedding planning. Though a bit long, their wedding planning course in Canada goes up to two years to complete. Don’t fret as of course, this only means more in-depth training in the industry.

6. Fanshawe


Fanshawe offers wedding planning courses in Toronto. Designed by industry leaders, their course is assured to be helpful for beginners in wedding planning. Further, they focus on strengthening certain relevant skills as well such as project management, marketing, food and beverage, customer relations, event execution and more. Sure enough, their graduates are all competitive to take on clients on their own after the whole course.

7. Event Trix

Though not actually specific to only wedding planning, Event Trix teaches you the tips and tricks in event planning. Details by detail, they will be touching each important point for more in-depth learning. They pay attention not only to the whole project holistically but rather to each vendor needed on the event as well such as food and beverage, decor, and more.

8. Ultimate Academy

ultimate academy

If they aren’t offering the ultimate knowledge in the business, we don’t know who else should. Ultimate Academy is another established institution that focuses on wedding planning certification within Canada. Covering the essential points in events planning and project management, they even go beyond to teach you how to handle intimate, corporate, social, to even huge events. With that in mind, you go beyond the niche of just weddings and be certificated across the event planning industry.

9. Algonquin College

Algonquin College offers more than the typical wedding planning course. They go beyond to improve the syllabus and adapt to the modern time in consideration of the pandemic as well. With the current trends also considered, their course remains competitive and updated to the current best practices that surely prepare each student for the current industry setting.

They offer a year of training for event planning and it’s also good to consider that the college is situated in Ottawa. In case you’re looking for opportunities to grab, they are a great option. Also globally competitive, they also accept international students.

10. Wildbash Events

rental company in toronto

Ran by an excellent team of wedding planners, Wildbash Events is a good company to enroll in. Despite being quite new in the game, what sets them apart is their network that almost got their clients covered. Further, they are also a sister company with Vintage Bash who helped many couples have their dream weddings. Now independent, they still carry the former’s best practices and secrets. Truly one of the best online wedding planning courses in Canada.

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