5 Swoon-Worthy Wedding Proposal Ideas

With the hundreds of thousands of marriage proposals posted online, preparing for one may be a daunting task. First, you want it to be memorable for your partner. Second, you want it to be unique to your relationship. The rise of the social media age has placed immense pressure on everyone to present their lives as a curated feed of perfect events. Don’t let this get to you. You have no obligation to post or live up to those standards.

The celebration of your love and relationship should be at the forefront of this occasion. No matter how simple or elaborate, your proposal can still be as special as you planned it to be. It can be a big event in front of a large crowd or it can be an intimate experience shared only by the two of you. If you’re currently looking for swoon-worthy ideas to sweep your partner off of his or her feet, check out our ideas below. We’ve included simple, outdoorsy, and one-of-a-kind considerations for this unforgettable day.

  1. Start the Year with a Bang

A. Harris Photography

Photo by: A. Harris Photography

Every new year is a fresh start, a new beginning. What a better way to enter this new stage of your relationship than ringing the new year with your engagement? Choose a romantic spot. It can be somewhere sentimental to the two of you or you can do it home. Set it up to be a special space where you can ask the big question and prepare for a celebration after. Everyone around the world will be celebrating this momentous occasion with you, too. Enjoy the fireworks display and cuddle up as a newly engaged couple!

  1. Hike up for love

Albert Feytser

Photo by: Albert Feytser

There are many hiking spots that have a stunning end of the trail. You can plan this hike with friends so that the moment can be documented or you can set up a tripod before popping the question. You have a magnificent panoramic view that will definitely be a perfect spot for your proposal. Imagine a sunset or sunrise engagement at the top of your hike. Or, if your partner is more of a night person who appreciates the starry night, you can plan out a hike with a camping trip instead. PRO TIP: Make sure the ring is kept in a safe place until you slip it in your partner’s finger.

  1. On a High for a Ski Lift Proposal

This one takes more preparation than the first two ideas. Make sure to get the consent from the ski resort and ask some of their personnel to help you. They can assist you in choosing the perfect spot to write down the “will you marry me?” question on the snow. A good way to make this visible while you’re on top of the lift is by using food dye. You will surely need assistance from friends, family, or the resort staff to pull this off so plan this properly ahead of time. When you go up the ski lift, your partner should be able to see this for the ultimate surprise. You come in for a ski trip and a relaxing vacation, you go home with your new fiancé.

  1. Home is where the Heart is

Chris Ferenzi Photography

Photo by: Chris Ferenzi Photography

There is nothing like the comfort of staying in your own home. There are no pretenses and you can be yourself without hesitation. It’s actually a great place to ask your partner for his or her hand in marriage. You can use alphabet magnets and write down the question on the refrigerator. Another idea is to do it Stranger Things style and use Christmas lights. What about putting your home computer on sleep mode so when it opens, it shows a desktop wallpaper with “will you marry me?” on it? The possibilities are endless if you decide to get engaged at home. The best thing about it is its simplicity and intimacy. After all, home is where the heart is.

5. Love Story ala Me and You

For the sentimental couple, this one is a great proposal idea. Any device now comes with video editing software so it’s easy to create a “movie” of your relationship. You can upload photos and videos together while narrating your love story. You can include snippets of you visiting the place where you first met and other important spots that mark milestones in your relationship. This is a great way to look back on how much the two of you have grown with the climax ending in your proposal. Play this during movie night or as a surprise montage while you have some family or friends over. This is something you can watch over and over again for many years after.

Always remember that no matter what kind of proposal you choose to have, it will be unique and special as long as it is true to your relationship. Consider your partner’s personality and go from there. No matter how you do it, this will be a moment the two of you will forever treasure.

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