10 Beautiful Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

Imagine this…Your guests enter your beautiful wedding party one by one. They greet you with hugs and warm wishes and then you invite them to go find their table on what seems to be a piece of printer paper. 

Small details matter and the details at your wedding can elevate the ambience to a new level.  This printer paper decor disaster does not have to be the case. 

VintageBASH offers a wide variety of boards, windows, mirrors, chalkboards and other creative mediums to display your guests table settings on in style.  

Let every detail at your wedding count by using some of these creative ways to display your information and make your wedding stand out. 

The seating chart will be one of the first things that your guests see, so whether it be rustic, elegant or modern, let it be a detail to remember. All pieces featured are available for rent at vintagebash.ca> Rentals > Seating Charts!

1. Rustic Wooden Board

seating chart wooden 10 Beautiful Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

This piece is sure to impress and match perfectly with any rustic or old school themed wedding with its wooden material and pins.  Complete with the perfect wooden stand this piece is about as romantic looking as they come! This piece pairs wonderfully with floral accents as well as lace and ribbons. 

2. The Copper Arch Chart

086A0057 10 Beautiful Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

This copper arch is ideal for hanging your seating arrangements.  Move this arch anywhere you desire during the set up of your wedding for a beautiful and useful decorative piece. Perfect for banquet halls and event venues due to its ability to be easily transported throughout the night!

3. Distressed Unique Window

seating chart window 10 Beautiful Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

A more creative approach to creating a seating charts is by using this wonderful distressed window. Perfect for any elegant or rustic themed wedding. Adding creative and unique touches like this to your wedding are sure to help it stand out. Ideal for spring and summer weddings. This piece is complete with elegant floral accents.

4. Vintage Golden Mirror

mirror gold seating chart 10 Beautiful Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

Possibilities are endless with this beautiful, large, vintage golden mirror.  Beautiful on its own, as an accent piece, or as a modern twist on traditional seating charts, this mirror is the perfect piece for your dream wedding.  Gold is, and will always be, a universal colour representing luxury. Incorporate elegance and luxury into your wedding decor with this multi-purpose piece. 

5. Silver Distressed Mirror

Screen Shot 2018 11 13 at 12.52.03 PM 1 10 Beautiful Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

This mirror is wonderful for writing your seating arrangements on, and do not worry, the clean up is included! Its reflective nature allows for it to act as a light and spacious decorative piece that will perfectly match any wedding theme that your heart desires. 

6. Unique Trimmed Mirror

086A1926 10 Beautiful Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

Did someone say royal wedding decor! The details to this mirror are absolutely stunning in gold. This piece is made for royalty and is the perfect touch to your dream wedding.  A beautiful and unique way to let your guests know where they will be sitting. 

7. Valentina Golden Mirror

gold mirror rectangular 600x600 1 10 Beautiful Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

Such unique corner accent pieces on this mirror! This golden mirror is absolutely radiant and can help make any event shine. Let your guests find their seats in style with this super creative and elegant seating arrangement chart. Perfect for an elegant white wedding. 

8. Chalkboard Chart

huge vintage chalkboard 10 Beautiful Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

Last minute changes? No problem with this perfect seating chart idea. Design your wedding the way you want with this bold piece. Its detailed black frame add elegance to match a variety of themes while the chalkboard adds a modern flair that is sure to make a statement.  

9. White Distressed Mirror

white distressed mirror 10 Beautiful Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

Sometimes, simplicity says it all.  This white mirror can be used as a classic touch to your wedding.  Write your seating arrangements on its reflective surface for a tasteful and minimalistic seating chart. Wonderful for winter wonderland weddings and classy white weddings. 

10. White Window Seating Chart

Photo 2017 04 27 1 48 23 PM 10 Beautiful Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

This idea is truly one of a kind! Use these gorgeous rustic windows to write your seating charts on! These windows look perfect embedded with floral accents or just simply on their own. A beautiful idea for outdoor weddings in the spring or summer as well as for rustic themed indoor weddings. 



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