Wedding Staffing

Run your wedding smoothly with a team of professionals.


  • Pricing: All prices are base pricing only and are subject to change depending on several factors. The official quote will be provided once the form is filled out. All prices are extra HST.
  • Meetings: All meetings are up to 1 hour each. It includes initial meeting, 2nd meeting for changes (if needed) and 3rd meeting for finalizing plans.
  • Setup & Styling: The packages include basic setup and styling of premade items. If a ladder or a specialist is required to install a particular item, extra charges apply. Subject to availability.
  • Travel & Transporation: The packages includes up to total 60KM of travel. This includes all locations we are traveling to. E.g. 1st location is 40KM from M3K1Z9, and the 2nd location is 20KM from the first setup location, this is included. We charge extra for locations that go over that.
  • Vehicle: We usually use a standard car to travel to you. If it requires a large vehicle or a truck,
  • Teardown Fee & Delivery of Items: We come to you and take down the items we set up and deliver the items to your house. The base pricing includes 2 assistants, 1 van and delivery to up to 60KM. The items must be delivered the next day, otherwise, extra charges apply.
  • Overnight Storage & Delivery of Items: You can drop off the items at our studio prior to your event and we will take care from there (event setup). The base pricing includes 2 assistants & 1 van.

You can count on us to take care of all the event details and program while you relax and enjoy the day with your guests. Get in touch with our team to know more about our services and rates.