English Garden Wedding: White & Greenery Theme Inspiration & Ideas

Imagine the colors of nature as the theme of your wedding. Think of white and green hues scattered around the venue to replicate the feel of the forest. Recreate a romantic, dreamy aesthetic that feels like a fairytale – plenty of fresh and aromatic flowers. Perfect for the spring and summer seasons, an English Garden wedding theme may be perfect for you. If you are an outdoorsy couple, look no further!

all white wedding theme with lush greens inspiration mood board
Recreate a romantic, dreamy aesthetic that feels like a fairytale – plenty of fresh and aromatic flowers.

Flowers & Greenery

The first element in creating an English garden-inspired wedding are the flowers and greenery. A mix of white florals & organic greens can create a lush, romantic atmosphere. Try mixing other subtle light colours to give a pastel feel while still having some vibrant pops of color. For added texture and depth to the decor, use eucalyptus or olive branches to fill up bouquets or centerpieces.

Color Palette

When it comes to choosing colors for your English garden-inspired wedding décor, you want something soft yet vibrant—think pale shades of pink, blue, green and ivory with touches of white here and there. These colors capture the essence of an English garden without being overly dark or dull. The best part is that these hues can be used throughout the entire event from bridesmaid dresses to tablecloths and centerpieces.

Furniture & Accessories

Furniture is another great way to bring your English garden vision to life. Incorporate chairs with intricate designs in muted or clear colours.

We hope you find this mood board helpful. From flowers and greenery to furniture and accessories, there are so many ways to bring out that old-world charm at your special day. Whether you’re looking for subtle elegance or grandiose glamour – create a unique vision that reflects you as a couple by incorporating all these elements into your big day.

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