Dream Blues: White & Light Blue Wedding Color Palette Inspiration

You’ve found the perfect partner, now you need to find the perfect venue and decor for your special day. If you’re looking for something that is both timeless and modern, you should consider slate blue decor. Slate blue is a classic color that is easily incorporated into any wedding theme. To get inspired, let’s look at some amazing ideas for creating a wedding mood board with different shades of light blues.

slate blue wedding decor palette theme

The base color of your wedding should be slate blue in all its shades. Accent colors can be chosen to complement or contrast with the light blue. For a more subtle look, lighter tones like white and ivory will create an elegant atmosphere. 

When picking out accent pieces, stay mindful of how much texture they add to the overall look of your wedding. A touch of lace or velvet can make all the difference in creating a romantic ambiance while adding too much can overwhelm the room. Start by looking at fabrics such as linen, satin or chiffon to give your space a soft feel without being too flashy. Another option would be metallic accents like gold or silver which will really bring out the beauty of this color scheme.

Slate blue is an enduringly popular choice for weddings because it strikes just the right balance between classic and modern style. With this hue as your base color, you can choose from many different accent colors and textures to create an unforgettable atmosphere on your special day.

Put together a mood board with images from Pinterest or other sources so you can start planning out how everything looks in advance – then all there’s left is enjoying yourself on this momentous occasion.

Disclaimer: Photos shown in these mood boards are for inspiration purposes only. We do not claim any ownership of any of these photos. Please see below for credits and references. Should you have been credited, please contact us ASAP.

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