For weddings, one reason some brides opt for all-white gowns is the color white’s longstanding association with purity and virtue in many cultures. White naturally appears excessively sophisticated, and it will never go out of style.

Moreover, many wedding designers choose and work with white to create beautiful designs, contrary to the subjective idea that it is always boring. See these ten examples of decors for all white weddings to see why white is the ideal color for a beautiful wedding day!

1. White Candles

White Candles Weddings

There are many ways to incorporate candles into wedding decor, from centerpieces to the entire tablescape. Even with colorful centerpieces or your floral arrangements, white candles will go with everything.

White is an all-inclusive color and a universal representation of divine love. White candles cast a warm glow over the beautiful floral centerpieces and decadent glasses on a tablescape covered with white tablecloths.

2. Classic White Bouquets

White Peonies Wedding Bouquet
white roses and ranunculus bride bouquet
white roses and tulips bouquet bride wedding
White Peonies Wedding Bouquet
white peonies and roses bride bouquet

As much as we adore bouquets that are bursting with color, there’s nothing quite like the refined beauty of an all-white arrangement of flowers. For a classic look, adding white flowers to your bridal bouquet is a perfect choice.

A simple white rose bouquet is the perfect match for a long-sleeve lace wedding dress. To many, white roses embody purity and innocence. White roses are a popular bridal bouquet, they are also preferred to represent respect and honor.

3. White Arches & Backdrops

White Wedding Arch babys breath
organic floral arch wedding

From the altar to the reception, wedding arches are wonderful accessories to your decor.

A wedding ceremony can be beautifully framed by an all-white altar arch. With the addition of loose greenery, white flowers can be used to create a simple and elegant arch.

4. Ceremony Venue

9 2 10 Trendy All-White Wedding Decor & Floral Ideas

The right venue can convert a wedding ceremony into a refreshing and inspiring experience, especially if the location is classic. Speaking of classic, an white wedding venue is the epitome of elegance, purity, and timeless aesthetic value.

5.White Sweet heart Table

White Wedding Head Table baby's breath
White Wedding Sweet Heart Table Head Table Roses orchids

The bride and groom must sit side by side at a sweetheart table at the wedding reception. You’ll be spending a lot of time and taking a lot of pictures with your sweetheart table after you make your vows, so make sure it’s classic and extra special at the same time.

For white weddings, decorate a romantic sweetheart table with white flowers like hydrangeas, roses, and eucalyptus to make it feel especially romantic. Use floral arches or backdrops for an extra touch of class.

6. Wedding Cakes

White Wedding Cake
White Wedding Elegant Cake

Wedding cakes are increasingly becoming more traditional in style, with the white wedding cake being one of the most popular. A white wedding cake never goes out of style, no matter how laid-back or extravagant your celebration is.

Florals can be added to a multi-tiered white cake to give it a lush look. No matter what kind of event you’re planning, a white wedding cake is a great canvas that can be adorned to suit your themes.

7. White Centerpieces

white wedding centerpiece
White High Wedding Centerpiece Luxury
White Centerpiece Wedding
White Centerpiece Wedding

When it comes to centerpieces, nothing beats using all white flowers in your designs. Using white flowers and white marble vases for a reception table centerpiece could be breathtaking. To complete the romantic feel, white pillar candles can be used to accentuate the centerpiece.

Tables can be adorned with white roses in brass vases, which is a very simple yet elegant option. The combination of white tablecloths, white chairs, and white centerpieces is undoubtedly the best.

8. Reception Tables

10 white wedding eddie zaratsian floral design katie beverley photography 10 Trendy All-White Wedding Decor & Floral Ideas

Table settings in white, which are both simple and elegant, emanate a clean and sophisticated vibe. A crisp white dining table and a classy menu will magnify the charm of your wedding’s classic style.

9. Lanterns

Islamorada Beach Wedding Reception Lantern White Hydrangea Centerpiece 10 Trendy All-White Wedding Decor & Floral Ideas

Wedding lanterns serve as both decoration and illumination.

When it comes to fulfilling a traditional lantern style, nothing beats crisp and bright white lanterns. They are beautiful when lit in the dark or when filled with flowers and greeneries during the day.

White lanterns can be used to decorate your sweetheart table and reception tables with fresh flowers. There are several types of candles you can use with a lantern, depending on the design you choose. You can also hang them from trees or arrange them in a row to create a romantic path down the aisle.

10. String Lights

08 Davis Weyman Laurie Bailey lights 10 Trendy All-White Wedding Decor & Floral Ideas

Lighting up your event with string lights creates a romantic atmosphere and highlights all of your beautiful wedding details, regardless of the theme you choose. If you can afford to hire a lighting expert, do so.

You can create a ceiling from the top of your tables with white light strings. Only hang lights over a specific area, such as the dance floor, if you want to draw attention to it. You can also dangle your photo booth with string lights for a whimsical backdrop, or drape a row of string lights behind your cake table.

White is a timeless color that can be used for any type of event, from traditional events to more avant-garde occasions. This pristine color lends itself to a plethora of white wedding ideas. Besides, white is the purest color, making it ideal for sacred ceremonies like weddings.


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