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  • Pipe For Rent Toronto

    Paulene Heavy Duty Pipe + Backdrop Stand


    The Paulene Heavy Duty Pipe + Backdrop Stand is a useful item for hiding unwanted sections of your venue, making divisions, and creating your own photo booth, among many other purposes. It is designed to be discreet and incredibly sturdy. Its width and height can be adjusted between 8-14′ long and 8-20′ high, respectively.

    Per 1 set, you will get the following:

    • 2 uprights
    • 2 bases (approx 18″ x 18″ diameter)
    • 1 crossbar
    How To Setup:
    Tips for maximum stability:
    – Put the ALL silver uprights to all SILVER bases. And then those ones with black accents on black bases.
    – No extra fabrics hanging out where guests are walking, place excess fabrics at the back to prevent people from stepping in and slipping.
    PS: We also sell these, subject to availability.
  • Pop Backdrop Stand


    Our telescopic backdrop stands are quite compact and will not disturb surrounding decor or equipment. They are black in color as not to stand out and ruin your event's overall look and are available in the following sizes:

    8' x 10'
    10' x 10'
    7' x 12'

    Discounts may be given when 10 or more are rented. If you require bigger dimensions or have other concerns, just leave us a message and we'll gladly help you out!

  • Cheers Champagne Wall


    Champagne glass not included (for mock-up only)
    Delivery and pickup with setup service is required for this item.

    4ft (W) | 7ft (H)
    Top empty area: 50″ x 19.5″
    In between layers: 11″
    Can hold 66 glass, 11 each layer, 6 layers in total
    Each socket opening, front is 0.8″, round diamonds 1.5″

    Designed for indoor use
    *If item is to be used outdoors, outdoor tools are required. Please be mindful of item placement due to unpredictable weather