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  • Manzanita tree Manzanita tree

    Becca Gold Manzanita Tree (Wishing Tree)


    Whether you are looking for a unique way to collect guests’ well wishes or searching for a decorative item to go with a laid-back theme, the Becca Gold Manzanita Tree is worth a look!

    This spiral tree fits perfectly not only in vintage, shabby chic, or rustic themes but other styles as well.

    Towering at 30 inches high and sporting upward branches, it’s great to put beside other decor elements to play with height and texture.

    Candles are rented separately.

  • Becky Grey Manzanita Tree (Wishing Tree)


    The Becky Grey Manzanita Tree is a cooler and more whimsical version of the Becca Gold one (approximately 30″-32″ inches high (2.5-2.7'). It shares the same spiral trunk and narrow branches but is fully coated in silver paint. We highly recommend using it as a wishing tree, where your guests can hang their well wishes or messages to you and your partner. If you rent out a whole bunch of them, they can also be used as table centerpieces or as items to fill in the spaces between your other décor.