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  • Rectangular Table


    Our Rectangular Table comes in white and is six feet long. It has sturdy foldable legs, making it incredibly easy to set up and tear down. The table’s design is quite simple and decorating it will not be troublesome. Its main board extends beyond the space covered by its legs so any tablecloth you cover it with will drape beautifully from its edges all the way to the floor.

  • White Distressed Table

    Shara White Distressed Table


    The sweetest little table that anyone could as for!

    This adorable table is ideal for a sweets table! Topped with wonderful cakes, pies, cookies and more, this table is perfect to help satisfy your sweet tooth.

    Its simplistic and distressed design combined with its white colour allows it to be the perfect piece for any wedding theme.

    Use this table for just about anything to make whatever you place on top of it pop!

    Height: 30″
    Length: 5′
    Width: 3′