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  • Rectangular TerrariumRectangular Terrarium Candle Holders

    Jasmine Rectangular Gold Terrarium Style


    Novel and delightful. That’s what terrarium centrepieces are!

    And if you’re looking to take this route for your event decor, the Jasmine Rectangular Terrarium is worth a look! Featuring a clear rectangular vase with gold trims, it makes for a wonderful piece to work with other design elements, from traditional to modern pieces!

    And available in two sizes, it lets you play around with spacing.

    Besides terrarium style, you can also use this versatile container as a regular vase for bigger flower arrangements.

    Product sizes: 3.5X5.5″ (small, great for pens, accessories), 6” x 10” (medium), 7” x 13.5” (large)

  • Kim Wooden Card Box


    Fits about 100+ cards.

  • Naomi Glass Silver Card Box


    Mix in a modern accent into your vintage wedding or event with our minimalist Naomi Glass Silver Card Box. It is primarily composed of clear glass and makes use of steel as reinforcements. Watch as it gets filled with your guests’ well wishes and congratulatory messages to you, which they can easily drop in through the opening on top. At the end of the night, you can easily take out all the cards by using the brilliantly built-in hinged door located at one side of the box.

    Fits about 200 cards.

  • White Bird Cage

    Natalie White Bird Cage


    If you’re looking for a unique card box, consider renting our Natalie White Bird Cage. It comes in full white and features a lovely floral design. Your guests can easily slip in their cards through the spaces between the bird cage’s thin bars or they can lift the dome section by removing the lock from the bottom half. You can embellish it with a few flowers or greenery for a more romantic look.

  • Blair Rustic Treasure Chest Box (Card Box)


    Our Rustic Treasure Chest Box will be a wonderful addition to your rustic wedding. It is not too flashy but is sure to still stir a lot of positive comments from your guests about your attention to every small detail such as the card box. Place it on a table covered with light-colored cloth and surround it with a few pink and white flowers to make it stand out even more.

  • Clear Card Box Acrylic Rental

    Arci Acrylic Clear Card Box


    Standard Size: 10″ L x 8.5″ W x 9.5″ (100+ cards); Larger Size: 12″ x 12″ x 12.5″ (holds up to 200+ cards)
    Custom Decal: We can add personalized decal with your name on them using adhesive vinyl.

  • Large Gold Terrarium

    Akira Large Gold Glass Terrarium


    Good for receiving table (or as card box). The small terrarium at the back is NOT included (for sizing purposes only).