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  • Rectangular TerrariumRectangular Terrarium Candle Holders

    Jasmine Rectangular Gold Terrarium Style


    Novel and delightful. That’s what terrarium centrepieces are!

    And if you’re looking to take this route for your event decor, the Jasmine Rectangular Terrarium is worth a look! Featuring a clear rectangular vase with gold trims, it makes for a wonderful piece to work with other design elements, from traditional to modern pieces!

    And available in two sizes, it lets you play around with spacing.

    Besides terrarium style, you can also use this versatile container as a regular vase for bigger flower arrangements.

    Product sizes: 3.5X5.5″ (small, great for pens, accessories), 6” x 10” (medium), 7” x 13.5” (large)

  • Cassia Clear Cupcake Stand


    Dimensions Guide:

    5 TIER: based on approx 2″ diameter cupcake = 18-24 cupcakes

    • first tier (top) = 6″ = 2-3 cupcakes
    • 2nd tier = 7.5″ = 3-4 cupcakes
    • 3rd tier = 9″ = 4-5 cupcakes
    • 4th tier = 10″ = 4-5 cupcakes
    • 5th tier = 12″ = 5-6 cupcakes


    4 TIER: based on approx 2″ diameter cupcake = 16-20 cupcakes

    • first tier (top) = 6″ = 2-3 cupcakes
    • 2nd tier = 7.5″ = 3-4 cupcakes
    • 3rd tier = 9″ = 4-5 cupcakes
    • 4th tier = 10″ = 4-5 cupcakes


    The Cassia Clear Cupcake Stand is a wonderful item that you should rent especially if you want to focus everyone’s attention on your cupcakes. Each tier is made from a thin, but sturdy, circular piece of clear plastic. Once filled, it will look like a delicious stack of floating cupcakes. If you will be using it for a wedding, you can choose to just have a small wedding cake done and place it on the very top tier. Then, you can creatively fill the lower levels with matching cupcakes, which, in the end, will ultimately save you a lot of money.

  • 13" White cake stand Rental

    Ali White Cake Stand 13″


    13″ Diameter White Cake Stand

  • 3-Tier Vintage Reversible Dessert Cupcake Stand (Gold)

    Hilary 3-Tier Gold Cupcake Stand


    This Hilary 3-Tier Gold Cupcake Stand is truly a dream come true!

    Its beautiful design allows for an elegant touch to any dessert table.  Its sparkling gold colour also allows it to match with a wide variety of colours, adding a touch of class.

    This piece is stunning and will allow for your guests to gravitate to the sweet treats that it will hold.

  • Gold Vintage Cake Stand

    Hadid Gold Cake Stand Vintage

  • Wooden Slab Cake Stand

    Keira Round Wooden Slabs Cake Stand 17″


    Diameter: approx 16″-17″ with 1″ thickness. Pricing is per piece.

  • Hadid White Cake Stand Elegant


    This 12 inch, elegant, white cake stand is the perfect touch to any event.

    Its sleek design matches a variety of themes and is excellent for, but not limited to, raising special event cakes and cupcakes.

    Help make your special events pop with elegant decor.

  • Rose Gold Cake Stand

    Hadid Rose Gold Cake Stand Vintage


    Diameter: 12 inches

  • Wood Slabs

    Kamira Wooden Slabs Cake Stand


    18″ long x 7″ wide x 1″ thickness