In the past, sprawling grazing spreads and tables were exclusively available in large events. People would flock over to the area where cheese and cured meats are. These are everyone’s favorite cocktails. Presently, shops have made these spreads available in boxes and smaller platters to enjoy anywhere and anytime.

These are great for events, house parties, gifting, special occasions, or simply as a treat for yourself. There are many different shops that offer charcuterie board delivery in Mississauga. If you’re in the area and want one, here are the best places to order your own charcuterie board and picnic box.

  1. KACE Catering

Brunch Board Toronto Delivery

KACE Catering is a company that serves different cuisines for different types of events and occasions. Part of their services includes charcuterie catering. You can enjoy the same exact goodies that they are known for through their grazing boxes that are available for delivery in and around Toronto and the GTA which includes Mississauga.

Their boxes come in different sizes and their selection includes sweet and savory charcuterie box and picnic grazing box, their adored sweet and savory brunch box, their gourmet sandwich box, splendid premium tea time box, luxury sweet and savory charcuterie box, and their sweet dessert boxes.

  1. Floralbash

You may know Floralbash for its fresh and dry bouquets and arrangements. As they evolve to become a reliable shop for special occasions, holidays, and gifts, they now have charcuterie and picnic boxes available in their shop. Their offers include sweet and savory options that are completely customizable. They also have a list of add-ons that you can choose to avail of to make your own box more personalized.

  1. The Living Platter

The Living Platter

The Living Platter is a 100% plant-based charcuterie shop. They are proudly cruelty-free and vegan making sure that everything you see in their platters is completely edible. Vegan, vegetarian, or not, they promise that you will find everything in their selection delicious and satisfying. Their platters are designed to impress and they have one for every event or situation. Their brunch box comes in different sizes and they have their larger platters such as the party, the gathering, the occasion, and the picnic. You can also opt to order their individual grazing boxes that are perfect for Zoom parties.

  1. Olive & Fig

The founder of Olive and Fig drew inspiration for the Greek’s love for olives, bread, and cheese. She has made her platters a craft and art form. Each one made with passion to look and taste absolutely amazing. They feature a menu that includes savory gourmet cheeses, cured meats, and dessert platters.

For smaller gatherings or for self-consumption at home, we recommend checking out their petite platters. For parties and large events, you should definitely go and look at their grazing boats, the grazing goodness platter, or their party platter.

  1. Grazing Platters in the 6ix

Grazing Platters in the 6ix

If you’re looking for a Mississauga charcuterie box, be sure to check out Grazing Platters in the 6ix. They are a trusted name providing luxury grazing platters, tables, and gift boxes. Not only will you enjoy this for yourself, but they also specialize in creating different types for weddings, events, or exquisite gifts. They even offer individualized platters suited to different recipients. This is a great choice for virtual events or parties.

They ensure that each order is elegantly styled and all ingredients are of the best quality. Grazing Platters in 6ix accommodates all dietary requests be it vegetarian, vegan, or halal.

  1. Graze & Glory

Bespoke charcuterie boards and boxes are the specialties of the team behind Graze and Glory. Whether you’re having a picnic, a celebration, a virtual gathering, or some alone time, there’s something on their menu for all your needs. Their grazing boxes include me, myself, and I box that is good for one, the cozy that is good for two, and the shindig that can feed four.

Their larger trays can feed from three to twelve people. They also have a custom request option if you want specific items included in your platter or if you want a certain size that they do not currently carry.

  1. The Graze Anatomy

The woman behind The Graze Anatomy, Sophia, is a professional food stylist. She brings her expertise to her brand as she styles dashing boxes and platters for your charcuterie needs. Do you love cold cuts? Their Meat Lover Platter may just be the perfect one for you. This served 8-12 pax and is one of their best-sellers along with their Deluxe Platter. If you’re looking for a light dessert for your next gathering, their fruit platter is a good choice.

Aside from that, they have grazing boxes available in different sizes too. If you’re looking for smaller boxes that are perfect for weddings and social gatherings, you can try their Mini Graze. This allows your guests to enjoy grazing in a safe way.

  1. Board in the 6ix

Premium fresh produce, artisan cheese, and aged meats are the staple ingredients in each Board in the 6ix platter and charcuterie box. They love making luxury creations that impress their customers and everyone that sees and tastes their work. Get your customized platter or box made by their team. When you start getting in contact with their team, they will advise you regarding the best pairings for your event so that you can have a personalized platter to suit your gathering perfectly. They can make one and deliver your Mississauga grazing box directly to your doorstep.

  1. The Crave 6ix

The Crave 6ix very thoughtfully created a menu that makes sure you can order one for every time of day or get one according to how you’re feeling. These are their current offerings: breakfast mood, lunch mood, dinner mood, vegan mood, gather mood, party mood, St. Tropez mood, Avignon mood, sugar mood, and candy mood tray.

The best thing about their service is their same-day delivery as long as the order is placed before 11 am.

  1. Sandwich Society

Sandwich Society is famous for its really delicious sandwiches. Aside from this, they also make charcuterie sets that you can order for different events in your life too. They have celebration charcuterie boxes for gatherings, a box that is good for one, a charcuterie box that feeds two, and larger grazing boxes that can feed up to four.

All the meat they include in their products is free from preservatives, nitrates, nitrites, GMOs, phosphates, hormones, and antibiotics.

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